Suspended Chords – No Third

Suspended chords are used quite a bit in a lot of different styles of music. What they suspend is the 3rd of the chord.

These chords don’t have a 3rd in them but usually resolve back to the 3rd.

They normally don’t last long before they resolve back to the original chord.

You will recognize this sound in lots of songs once you hear it.

John Lennons’ song Woman uses this in the beginning.

There are two types of these chords. A suspended 2nd and a suspended 4th which is used more often.

Each of these notes is next to the 3rd, one below and one above. The 3rd is the note being suspended or hanging.

You can hear the tension it creates and you can feel it release when the chord is changed back.

There are no major or minor because the 3rd is the note that determines if a chord is a major or minor chord.

Other Chord Making Pages

If you don’t know how chords are built you should check out the pages below and other basic and beginner pages.

Guitar Chord Theory
Scale Intervals

Suspended 4th Chords

Here is a table showing you the chord numbers.

Chords are built using every other note in a scale

A normal C chord would be made with 1-3-5 or C-E-G in this case from the above scale.

A suspended 4th chord would be made 1-4-5 or C-F-G using the above scale.

You can hear how it wants to return the 1st chord

Here are a couple chord diagrams.

You can hear how it wants to return the 1st chord

It sounds suspended doesn’t it?

Listen and you will hear this in a lot of songs you know

It’s almost like going to the 4 chord but different

Try playing the C to an F and then a C to a C suspended 4th, it’s close but different

Music is full of these little subtle changes that you will learn to recognize the more you play

C major to C suspended 4th

Songs with Suspended Fourths

Woman – John Lennon

John Lennon – Woman – mp3
Woman – Tab
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When You Dance – Neil Young

When You Dance – mp3
When You Dance – Tab
(Opens New Window)

Suspended 2nd Chords

These chords sound a little different because they are resolving up instead of down to the 3rd in a chord.

Here are some chords based on the C scale above.

Here is how this sounds

C major to C suspended 2nd

Songs with Suspended 2nd’s

Eye in the Sky – mp3
Eye in the Sky – Tab
(Opens New Window)

These chords can have two names but they usually go by the root note of the chord.

The C sus4 chord notes are C-F-G.

The F sus2 chord notes are F-G-C.

They contain the same notes but will usually be called by the lowest or root tone of the chord.

They can get confusing but if you think of them like below they won’t be for most people.

A sus4 chord is equal to a 2nd suspended chord a 4th up.

A sus2nd chord is equal to a 4th suspended chord a 5th down.

Songs with 2 and 4 suspended

Needles and Pins – Mp3
Needles and Pins – Tab
(Opens New Window)

Happy Xmas – John Lennon

Check out the link below if you are confused by the 4th and 5th.

Music Intervals

Both Suspended Chords

Sometimes you will hear both chords used in a song along with a major chord.

Here is a D scale because it’s easier to play so you can get the sound down.

Here are the chords.

The 3rd chord is the same as the 1st. I put this there because that’s how this little progression is played most of the time.

If you listen to it you will here when to change and what chord to change to.

I’ll play it a couple different ways. Some songs should come to mind.

D to D suspended 2nd to D suspended 4th riff

John Lennon’s Happy Christmas and also the beginning of his song Woman are two songs using these suspended chords.

I hope you found this page useful.

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Basic Guitar Chords… You Need to Play Most Songs

Learning a few basic guitar chords will start you off playing dozens of songs right off the bat. There are a handful of basic chords that will let you play most songs.

Barre Chords – Basic Guitar Chords

These are beginner guitar chords where your first finger replaces the nut at the top of the guitar neck. This makes it a movable chord that you can play all the way up the guitar neck.

These chords can be tough in the beginning but if you keep at it will come. Lighter gauge strings will help until you can play them.

Make sure you get good clean clear notes from all the strings.

Also try playing these up the neck near the 10th fret. The strings have more give there, then work your way down 1 fret at a time making sure you you have good sounding chords. Don’t use any magic boxes, reverb or distortion while practicing these chords.

These chords are just 1st position chords fingered different so they can be moved up the neck.

One thing to watch out for is extra tension in your hand and arm when you try these different chord forms.
Try to stay as relaxed as you can. This will make playing these chords easier.

The C-A-G-E-D System
Basic Guitar Chords

The Cagedsystem is a way of looking at these 1st position major guitar chords and making them movable. Each letter stands for a 1st position chord form.

This will help you understand the different basic chord forms and get more familiar with the guitar neck.

The C Chord Form

Here is the 1st position and the movable form. It may take a little practice to get the movable chord form sounding clear. Start up the neck and work your way down making sure all notes ring out clear.

The root for this chord is on the 5th and 2nd string. You just have to change your fingering so the 4th finger is on the 5th string and the 1st finger acts as the nut.

You should place your 1st finger so is just touches the 6th string to dampen it. You don’t want the 6th string ringing out on this chord.

The 6th string should only be blocked if you are playing the whole chord.

If you are playing alternating bass notes finger the chord so it rings out.

You will control how long it rings with your fretting hand by releasing pressure or by touching it with your picking hand.

This is also true if you are using this form for fingerpicking.

The A Chord Form

The root for these basic guitar chords is on the 5th and 3rd string. As with the above chord dampen the 6th string to keep it quiet

The G Chord Form

This chord requires a long stretch, you should practice this one up the neck where the frets are closer together.

The root is on the 6th, 3rd and 1st string. Most of the time the 1st string note is left out making it easier to finger like the third chord form.

The E Chord Form

This is the most used major chord form. It contains 3 root notes, two 5th’s and one 3rd on the 3rd string.

The root is on the 6th, 4th and 1st string. You don’t want to block the 6th string here. Keeping your thumb in the middle of the neck makes these chords easier to play.

The D Chord Form

This chord has a good stretch to it. This is another chord you should start to practice up the neck 1st and work your way down one fret at a time.

The root is on the 4th and 2nd string. This form is a little tough to get clear notes from constantly but it has a nice sound

Practice these chords up and down the neck. The most important thing is good clear notes, don’t worry about speed that will come with accuracy.

The Minor Barre Chords – Basic Guitar Chords

As with the major chords there are also minor chords from the open position that can be made movable.

The C minor Chord Form

This basic minor chord will be harder to finger for beginners so start up the neck and get used to it and then work your way down the neck. This one gives the muscles between the ring and little finger a stretching workout.

The root for this chord is on the 5th and second string, the 5th string is played with the 4th finger which you will have to stretch out to get, just keep at it and it will come.

This chord is good for a drop progession. Lower the bass note one fret at a time and listen. This progression is used in a lot of songs.

The A Minor Chord Form

This is a popular form and a little easier to play.

The root for this chord is on the 5th and 3rd strings

The G Minor Chord Form

This basic chord form is very hard to finger and doesn’t get used as an everyday chord but is good know for lead work. Start this up the neck as far as you can reach on your guitar. This is a muscle builder but don’t over do it, a little each day is best.

The root for this chord is on the 6th and 1st strings.

This is actually two triad forms put together. If you want more info on triads or basic chord building check this page out.

The E Minor Chord Form

This is the easiest of the basic guitar chords barre chords to play. This is the E major form with the 3rd lowered one fret.

The root for this chord is on the 6th, 4th and 1st strings. Only one note different than the major chord on the 3rd string.

The D Minor Chord Form

This is a good 1st position chord

This is also a hard to grab chord in a fast song, take your time and get clear notes.

Try practicing this on the first three strings with the 2, 3 and 4 fingers before laying the 1st finger down, relax your muscles.

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Learn The A Major Scale

The A major Scale is good for acoustic guitars because of the E, A, D and B open strings belonging to the scale. It has three sharps in it the F, C and G notes.

The Open Strings

The open string notes are the 6th string E=5, the 5th string A=root, the 4th string D=4th, the 2nd string B=2/9 and the 1st string E=5. The numbers after the notes tell you what scale degree they are. Check below for more detail on numbering.

These are notes that can be used freely in the A scale. They normally won’t clash with any other scale tones.

Learn How to Use scales not just Memorize them

Take it for a Free Ride

Guitar Scales Method

(Opens New Window)

The A scale is made from two tetra-chords from the D and the E scale.

You will see the same notes and chords in the A, D and E scales.

Here Comes the Sun

This is the key for the Beatles song “Here Comes the Sun” written by George Harrison.

A Scale PDF Download

A Scale

The first 4 notes of this scale came from the last 4 notes of the D major scale. The last 4 notes of are from the first 4 notes of the E major scale.

A Scale Tetra-Chords

The tetra-chord is a four note that makes up half a major scale. Major scales have two of these.

The first A scale tetra-chord comes from the last D scale tetra-chord and the second one comes from the first tetra-chord of the E major scale.


1st Tetrachord


2nd Tetrachord


A Major Scale Numbering

All the major scales have numbers that go with the notes for easy identification. You will find out later that this way of referring to numbers makes it possible to refer to all scales and chords no matter what key you are in.

This also refers to chords built from scales. When referring to chords the numbers are written in Roman numerals, upper case for major chords and lower case for minor chords.

A Major Notation-Tab

A Major Chords

A Major Chord Diagrams

A Major Key signature

This is how the beginning bar in sheet music will look if you are in the key of A. The sharp symbol is over the F line and the C and G spaces in the music staff.

This doesn’t mean the music won’t have other flats or sharps in it. They will be marked in the music itself. This means every note in the F, C and G position in the music staff will be sharp.

This helps keep the music easier to read as you get more flats or sharps in a key.

Major Key


Key Signature

Rel Minor


F♯, C♯, G♯



Minor Blues Chord Progression

The minor blues chord progression is like the 12 bar blues progression but usually deviate from the basic progression.

If you played it without any variations it would get boring very fast.

The minor blues is usually used in a slow layed back song.

Here is the basic chord progression to use as an outline. This will be in A minor

Here are the chord diagrams.

Minor Blues Progressions – 1

Here is a slight one chord change in the progression.

This one is closer to the dominant 12 bar progression. We have some more variations.

Minor Blues Progressions – 2

This one changes one chord in the last one we did.

Minor Blues Progressions
Dominant 7th Variation

This one brings in one more chord buts it’s a dominant 7th.

The Dominant 7th will replace the E minor chord and add some color to this basic minor progression.

Minor Blues Progressions
Major 7th Variation

This is the progression for The Thrill is Gone.

Here are a couple links for this song.

The Thrill is Gone – mp3

The Thrill is Gone Sheet Music

(Opens New Window)

Use the 2nd E7 form from above on this after the F major 7th.

The next ones go into the use of dominant chords to replace the simple minor triads.

Replacing the IV Minor Chord

In this progression you replace the IV chord Dm with a dominant 7th of the same root D7.

You also use altered dominant chords for the V chords Em or E7

Here are some chord Diagrams

These are not the only altered chords you can use. There are a lot of altered dominant chords to pick from.

Check out my other page on altered chords.

Altered Chords


Welcome to Guitar Break Room

Guitar Break Room is a page made for taking a break from guitar learning and telling you about different products or websites that I have found to be useful.

These are mostly about music and computer but there’s other things too. Things we probably have in common.

I have come across some good sites and products in my travels around the internet and would like to tell you about them.

Some save me time and aggravation while others are convenient, informative or just fun to visit.

I hope you find this page fun, useful and interesting

My Check List
Guitar Break Room

I always check out any site, products or service before I put them on my site. I either own the product, have used the service or trust the company or site from previous dealings or reputation from a previous product or service.

Sometimes there will be two similar sites or products, that means I like them both and you can choose one or like them both too.

Music Products and Services
Guitar Break Room

Satellite Radio
Guitar Break Room

This is a great service. You can listen to music on commercial free radio. No more listening to the same DJ(jerk) on the way to work in the morning.

Depending on where you work(Allowed to Play Music) you can use this product at both work and home.

You can choose from over 130 channels for music, sports, talk shows and more.

You can listen to NFL football, NASCAR racing and tons of other things. I have another page telling you more about it.

Sirius Radio and XM Radio(Live Sports and Other Venues) have teamed up to give you anything you want in the way of radio.

About Satellite Radio

Music Downloads – Instant Music
Guitar Break Room

One interest we all share whether you play guitar or not is music.

One of the really good things about the internet is the ability to buy any song you want right from your computer.

You can buy the whole album or just one of the songs from it all without stepping out your door.

You can replace your favorite old Vinyl album with a new mp3 or wav(CD) version.

Here’s another page that goes into more detail and where I like to download music without joining a music sevice.

Download Music

Concert Tickets – Live Music
Guitar Break Room

Have you been to a concert lately? There is nothing like live music where you can feel the beat of the music besides hearing it. I like live music because you can “feel it” like turning up your stereo and feeling the bass and drums in your bones untill the neighbors complain.

I have a site that I use to get concert tickets, it has good prices and service.

They also have sports and theater tickets if your into any of those. I have a short page with links to the various ticket types. Just type in who you want to see and go get your tickets.

Guitar Break Room

Event Tickets

Indie Music
Guitar Break Room

This is a good site for finding new music and uploading some of your own songs

It’s free to join. You can sign up as an artist or a listener. You can just go and listen to music or you can get involved, it’s up to you.

Here is a place to hear new undiscovered artists. This is where every top star was at one time until they reached the right media and went on to fame.

The link below takes you to a page on this site to learn more.

Guitar Break Room

Indie Music

The link below will take you to the Indie music site.


Guitar Player Survey
Guitar Break Room

This page I had on the main navigation but nobody wanted to fill it out so I put it here.

It only takes a minute and I don’t collect any secret data from your computer. Tell me what you want to learn about.

Guitar Break Room

Guitar Player Survey

Band Music Posters – The 60’s are Back
Guitar Break Room

This site I found doing some research for the site. It has posters for music, kids, TV/Movies, Sports and much more. They have band and artist posters out the wazoo, you have to see the posters.

You can get them framed ready for your wall.

Band Music Posters

Free Stuff for Guitar
Guitar Break Room

Here are a couple free things I found for guitar on the web. The first two are tuners for when you’re offline for Windows and Mac’s.

The next two are tab software programs. I use the one for windows and it works pretty good for free software.

Guitar Tuners
Guitar Break Room

Windows Tuner

Mac Tuner

Guitar Break Room

Tab Software
Guitar Break Room

Tab for Windows

Tab for Mac

Computer Related Products
Guitar Break Room

Diskeeper – Defragmenting Software

Computers are great when they’re working right and extremely annoying when they aren’t.

One of the tools or software in this case for me is a product called Diskeeper. I’ve been using it for several years.

What it does is defragment your hard drive automatically. If you don’t know what defragmenting is then your computer is probably slow.

Programs open files and leave them anywhere on your hard drive like little kids leaving their toys everywhere.

Defragmenting puts the files that programs open back where they should be so it takes a lot less time for programs to open.

They have a new version of this that stops most of the defragmenting from happening in the first place which will make your computer run even smoother.

Click on the image and check it out. It saves time and works quietly in the background.

Guitar Break Room

Undelete Software – Whoops

This product is from the same company as Diskeeper. They’re hard drive data specialists. It’s all they do.

They’re what I call straight-shooters. There are no hidden tricks in their products, services or prices.

So if you emptied your recycle bin with valuable stuff in it. You need this product before you delete anything again.

I’ve done it before in a split second they’re gone and I think to myself YOU DUMMY. Both Diskeeper and Undelete are made by the same company and are reasonably priced.

Check out Undelete by clicking the image below.

Guitar Break Room

Computer Batteries – Laptops – Tools

I found this site looking for a power tool battery and they had them despite the name of the site is Laptops for Less. They specialize in batteries for Laptops.

I bought the power tool batteries there and it was fast service, easy ordering and a better price than I could find elsewhere.

It’s not a question of if your battery dies it’s a question of when.

If your laptop is getting old but works good get a spare battery so you’re ready.

Check them out for other batteries or laptops too. They also have other computer odds and ends for home and office.

Laptop Batteries

PC Booster – Computer System Software

I have had this software on my computer for a quite a few years. I’m not sure what it does exactly but after I installed it and ran it my computer settled down

Before I installed PC Booster I was afraid to click on things because my system was unstable for some reason and things would freeze or do something else weird

This was one of those problems that I couldn’t find a solution to because I didn’t know the right question to ask.

It’s inexpensive software and the company has been around a while.

PC Booster

Printer Ink – Cheap and Fast

I have an Ink Jet printer and I found a good site for ink cartridges. They have re-manufactured cartridges and I can’t tell the difference. They installed without a problem what-so-ever.

My printer’s an Epson that has 5 cartridges 3 color and two black. I got all 5 for about 41.00 US in September 2009. The shipping was free too and super fast delivery

This will be your ink store from now on. They also have toners and other printing supplies for home and office.”>Printer Ink

PDF Creator – Secure Documents

I use this to make my pdf’s for my modes and Chord Formulas

This is a good product for making PDF’s. If you ever priced Adobe PDF software you’ll know why this is a good deal.

If you need to make secure files that nobody can change on you this is the right product.

All you do is create a document in windows word or other text software and then click on the print option, then change where it will send the document for printing to the PDF creator and it saves the file as a pdf.

You should see it with your printer in the control panel, I’m not sure if it works with Mac’s.

I use this for the internet but you may have a use for it if you email documents as a attachments or something else and want them secure.

Create PDF’s

Health and Eating Right
Guitar Break Room

Losing Weight – Losing Fat

I’m getting older and fatter. The older part I can’t do anything about but the fatter part I should be able to control.

I have a very good ebook on losing weight that explains a lot of things that about the body, food and exercise

This book concentrates on losing fat more than weight because some diets can cause you to lose muscle too.

You don’t want to lose muscle tissue no matter how much overweight you are.

Understanding Fat and Weight Lose

Even though I’m not following everything as I should what I learned has stuck in my mind and cleared up a lot of misconceptions I’ve had about foods, diets and exercise.

This book has been around for a bit and was written by Tom Ventura, a professional body builder and educated health instructor.

These guidelines can be used by anyone interested in losing weight. All you have to do is apply yourself, thats the hard part for most of us.

You’ll learn about your body type and find your specific calorie, exercise and life style change.

Are you ready to change your lifestyle and make eating right and exercising on a regular basis.

Losing fat for good is about changing your life-style. You can still eat plenty of food just different ones.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Herbal Remedies – Homemade Cures

I am a firm believer that cures for most of our diseases can be found from trees, shrubs, plants and food. Most medicine made today is based on plants. A lot of heart medicine is derived from the chemicals contained in Hawthorne and Bilberry berries and leaves.

However using herbs on a daily basis may decrease the chances of many diseases. You’ve seen the way the media jumped on the green tea wagon after a medical report said it had more anti-oxidants in it

Green tea is good for your body but so are a lot of other herbs and spices. The spices you add to your food can have some very good effects on your body, for instance Cinnamon helps your body digest sugars at a more even pace preventing spiking which is dangerous for Diabetics

The bottom line is Herbs and Spices do it a little at a time on a daily basis and you don’t need a prescription. The main thing they all do is boost your immune system in various ways.

It’s like exercise it becomes part of your lifestyle not a chore

So you can eat yourself healthy. Spices are naturally low in calories too.

Buyer beware when looking at herbal products that promise you youth, a full head of hair and so on. Herbs and spices aren’t drugs so the FDA can’t really control them other than the warning label you see on every bottle.

If their claims sound untrue even if you want to believe them don’t buy that product. Stay with the basic vitamins and one item herbs like Ginkgo Biloba, Echinacea and so on. Sometime a dual combo is ok like Zinc usually has vitamin D in it because it helps the body absorb it.

Here is a site where I usually go to where you can learn more about herbs.

Herbal Remedies

P.S. Don’t become your own doctor, if your doctor has you taking medicine don’t replace it with an herbal remedy because herbs aren’t as strong as medicine and besides that you can’t sue yourself.

Vitamins – Staying Healthy

To play guitar as good as you can you need to be healthy and taking vitamins along with good eating and exercise will help.

Here is another site I like to get things from. This is a simple site selling only vitamins and supplements, a no nonsense site. I like this site for its simplicity.

Sunpride Nutrition

Cooking Right

This site is a favorite of mine the Cooking Nook, I look forward to her monthly newsletter with new recipes in it.

There’s a lot of different cookbooks and recipes throughout the site plus she’s Italian which is my favorite style of cooking and eating.

Cooking Recipes

Lawn and Garden

Lawn Care

Do you like to garden and take care of your lawn?

I do up to a certain point but have you ever tried to aerate your lawn?

That’s what the worms are supposed to be doing but they can’t eat through clay.

Getting air into the ground is only part of the problem with your lawn.

The other problem is having good bacteria in the dirt to make it topsoil.

It’s not an overnight solution but it is easy to do and then you let mother nature do the dirty work.

Thats where Aerify comes in handy. It’s a liquid that you place in a hose end sprayer. You basically just water your lawn.

It’s a concentrate and a 1 quart bottle will do most lawns many times. 1-2 ounces will do 1000 square feet(approx. 30 foot x 30 foot area) of lawn.

I’ve been using this on my lawn for about 3 years now and it does make your lawn healthier. It’s also good for the soil around bushes, trees also flower and vegetable gardens.

Here are some of the things it will do.

Aerify – Organic Lawn Aerator

Eliminates the Need for Mechanical Aeration

Reduces soil compaction and loosens clay – Bad drainage areas
Provides numerous plant trace nutrients and bio-stimulants
Helps generate the soil-improving microbes for humus formation
Can be applied any time during the growing season
Increases earthworm activity. Improves overall plant health
Safe to use around sprinklers
Loosens soil and stimulates root growth
Improves air & water penetration, drainage and prevents erosion
Virtually unlimited shelf life – just avoid temperature extremes

Vital Product Information

Although some soils respond very quickly to Aerify PLUS, especially in improved drainage, we do not claim it to be an overnight miracle product.

If you understand what a good soil really is, you know that you cannot change poor clays into real soils instantly by some magic formula, or tea, enzyme, chemical, polymer or biological mix.

You need to increase aeration and soil bioactivity, raise organic matter content (usually), and then allow the soil biolife (including earthworms) to build up to levels where it can create humus and bring about the porous soil structure you are looking for.

Growing Fresh Herbs

This is an ebook I found that gives you a lot of info about growing your own herbs. You can save a lot of money doing this plus have extra fresh herbs.

Growing Fresh Herbs


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Whole Tone Scale…Another Improvising Tool

The whole tone scale is a symmetrical scale made up completely of whole tones or major second intervals

This scale is used mainly for improvising over altered dominant chords because of the flat and sharp 5th’s contained in it.

If we were to make chords from this scale they would all be augmented triads, C+, E+, and so on

In most music the augmented chord is only used for a few beats to introduce a new chord. In jazz these altered chords are more common because they are used to replace common chords to add new sounds to a common progression.

Whole Tone – Only Two Scales

C Whole Tone

C Sharp Whole Tone

There are really only two of these scales. This scale repeats itself every major 2nd

The first one would contain half of the chromatic scale and the second one the rest of the chromatic scale.

You could start on C for the first one and then C♯ for the second one

You can play every other note on one string starting with an open note up to the 12th fret for a whole scale

Chromatic Scale

Whole Tone – Chromatic

Here is the whole tone scale compared to the chromatic scale

These are the only two scales. You just start on the note you want and every other note in the scale is two frets away or one whole tone

These are 6 note scales like the Blues scales

Chromatic Scale














Whole Tone One

Whole Tone Two

The whole tone scale is good for improvising over altered 5th dominant 7th chords like these. You may see the second two with a + sign C7+ this is the same chord.

The plus sign means augmented which usually refers to the 5th of a chord unless written like C7aug9. This means augment or raise the 9th one half step or in our case 1 fret

However you may see other ways of writing them because there really is no standard for the world. Different countries may do them differently.

C+9 would mean a ninth chord with a raised 5th. There are set standards for writing chord names but they aren’t always followed so you might have to try two chords to see which one sounds right.

Also there may be more than one way to write a chord. C+7, C7+ or C7♯5 can all mean the same chord.

Dominant 7th Altered 5th Chords

C Whole Tone

This scale is played against a C7♯5 chord.

C whole tone played against a C7 augmented

This scale can be started from any tone in the chord. For the C7♯5 you could start on C, E, G♯ or B♭

These scales are all the same they just start at different points.

I hope you found this page useful.


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This disclosure statement is basically a promise to you about how we operate.

The contents of this web site are written and edited by the owner of

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I abide by word of mouth marketing standards and believe in honestyof relationship, opinion and identity. will not promote a product, service, website or anything else just for the money. Yes, we all need to make money but we will never ever intentionally recommend a bad product, service, website or anything else just for profit. We want you to feel at home and trust our site.

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The term service also refers to memberships of sites.

Our Opinion

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