The C Major ScaleThe Starter Music Scale

Discover the C major scale. This scale is the one we all learn first because it is the easiest. It doesn’t have any flats or sharps to confuse anyone. This scale is made from two terachords from the F and G scale.

Because these scales are made from each other you will see the same notes and chords in the C, F and G scales.

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Guitar Scales Method

This scale is the most important to understand because it is the easiest major scale to learn and all the other scales are built exactly the same.

C Major Scale PDF

The C Scale Construction

The first four notes of this scale came from the key of F. The last four notes of the C scale come from the key of G.

C Scale Tetra-chords

A tetra-chord is four notes that make up one half of a major scale. Every major scale has two tetra-chords.

The first C scale tetrachord comes from the last F scale tetra-chord and the second tetrachord comes from the first tetra-chord of the G major scale.


1st Tetrachord


2nd Tetrachord


C Major Notation and Tab

C Major Scale Numbering

Major scales use numbers along with note names for easy identification. This way you can refer to any scale note or chord no matter what key.

Mostly this is used to refer to the chords but it is also a way of building chords from scales.

Roman Numerals – Chords

When referring to chords the numbers are usually written in Roman numerals, upper case for major chords and lower case for minor chords.

C Major Chords

C Major Chord Diagrams

C Major Key signature

This is how the 1st bar in sheet music will look if you are in the key of C, no flats or sharps.

This doesn’t mean the music won’t have flats or sharps in it. They’ll be marked next to the note on the staff.

Major Key

♯ or ♭

Key Signature

Rel Minor




Staff Line-Space Names

Songs in C Major

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Guitar Diminished 7th Chord Images

Guitar diminished 7th chord images. Diminished 7th chords are unique. They have four names, one for each note in the chord. They also repeat themselves every three frets.

The triad form found in the 7th note of the major scale doesn’t repeat itself like the seventh.

The diminished 7th is made up entirely of minor third intervals.

The seventh for these chords is actually a 6th if you were to use the major scale to make them.

They can be made from the Chromatic scale by selecting 4 minor 3rd intervals or notes that are 3 frets form the last one.

The minor 7th flat 5 chord is almost identical except that the 7th is really a 7th and not a 6th. A lot of lesson books used to use the diminished 7th in place of the minor 7th flat 5 chord.

G♯, B, D and F Diminished 7th Chords

Each chord can be used for four different chords. The same notes just a different name. This is called plurality, a lot of other chords have more than one name. An Am7 chord is also a C6 chord.

The Notes for these chord are G♯, B, D and F.

This chord can be made from the 7th note of the A Harmonic minor scale

A, C, E♭ and G♭ Diminished 7th Chords

The Notes for these chords are A, C, E♭ and G♭.

This chord can be built from the B flat Harmonic minor scale.

Sometimes in a song when they call for F diminished you may have to play an F form where the low pitched note is an F for it to sound right and other times it may not matter. These chords usually only last one bar or less.

They can be used for leading to another chord too like a passing tone leads to a scale note.

B♭, D♭, E and G Diminished 7th Chords

The Notes for these chords are B♭, D♭, E and G.

This chord can be built from the B Harmonic minor scale.

The B♭ will be an A♯ in this key but still the same chord notes.

There are some other chord forms but these are the most common.

These chords have some good uses check out my page Diminished 7th Chord Theory

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