Discover the Lydian Flat 7 ModeGreat for Dominant Chords

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The lydian flat 7 mode comes from the 4th note of the melodic minor scale and can be used for dominant chords and dominant chords with a ♭5 or ♯11th(same note)

The Melodic minor scale is the major scale with a lowered 3rd in it. I found this is the easiest way to remember these scales.

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Guitar Scales Method

Here is a link to the melodic minor modes page in case you want to check out the other modes from this scale.

Melodic Minor Modes

This mode I’ll play against an F7 chord.

The F Lydian flat 7 played against an F7 chord

This mode is good because it contains a ♭5 a natural 5 and a ♭7. This mode is good for 9th, ♯11th and 13th chords too. Flatted 5th’s are ok but not ♯5’s

The flatted fifth is a “blue” note. One of the notes that give the blues scale its character

The Lydian Flat 7 Mode List

The Lydian Flat 7 Formula

The Formula is 1-2-3-♯4-5-6-♭7

This is how you make it from a major scale. Raise the 4 and lower the 7

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C Minor Scales

C minor scales are related to the E flat major. These are good to use for improvising besides being tonic minors to the key of C

The C minor natural scale shares the same notes as E flat Major. Also refered to as the C Aeolian mode.

C Natural Minor Scale

Chords in C Natural Minor Scale

C Melodic Minor Scale

Flat the 3rd of the C major scale to make a C melodic minor scale.

Chords in C Melodic Minor Scale

C Harmonic Minor Scale

This is written in the E flat key that is why you see the natural sign next to the B’s. This symbol makes the note un-flat or un-sharp depending on the scale.

Lower the 3rd and 6th note of the C major scale to make a C harmonic scale

This scale has a Latin sound.

I hope you found this page useful.


Guitar Barre ChordsIncrease Your Chord Inventory

These guitar barre chords or guitar bar chords as I’ve seen it spelled will give you more control of where to play chords.

There isn’t a lot of them but barre chords are essential for any type of guitar playing. You can’t function as a guitar player without knowing these basic movable chords.

The Barre or Bar is Your Index Finger

Your index finger acts like the nut that holds your strings at the top of the neck or like a guitar capo does.

The best part about these chords is that they are movable which makes learning one form equal to 12 or more chords.

You understand that your index finger will act as the nut does. Your index finger needs some help from the thumb to help keep it snug to the neck.

You only want to apply enough pressure to get clean notes on all strings, anything more than this will cause fatigue and make you slower.

Your thumb should be in or about the center of the back of the neck, this will give you the best holding power and allow you to move fingers 2,3 and 4 while holding down the index finger.

This will be necessary to do when playing rhythm guitar or chord melody or riffs that come off chords.

You will find this thumb position doesn’t work for all chords but it does for most Barre Chords.

Some Guitar Barre Chord Practice

If you are new to barre chords or need to get clearer sounds with them. Here is a little practice lesson.

Practice using your index finger like in the image below starting on the 10th fret. You want to have clear clean notes on every string.

You will have to reposition your finger until you find that “right” spot. Once you can get clear notes on the 10th fret go the 9th fret and repeat.

The 12th fret is the middle of your guitar strings. The string is easier to push down at this point.

As you go down the neck towards the tuning keys guitar barre chords will get harder because the strings don’t have as much give. Keep at it.

Remember – You don’t have to give your guitar neck the “Vulcan Death Grip”

Adding Fingers

After you can get clean notes with your index finger you can add a finger and check for clean notes up and down the neck.

Place your index finger on the 10th fret to make your barre.

Add your middle finger to the 3rd string one fret above your finger barre. This will be the major 3rd for some different barre chords.

Next add your 3rd(ring) finger to the 5th string two frets above your finger barre. This will be the 5th for some barre chords. With your 2nd finger and 3rd finger in place you are playing a dominant D7th chord. The root for the chord is on the 6th and 1st strings of your finger barre.

Next add your 4th(little) finger to the 4th string two frets above your finger barre. The chord now becomes a plain D major chord because your 4th finger took away the 7th note. This new note is a root note like the ones on the 6th and 1st strings.

You will play this barre chord form more than any of the other forms.

Chords Just Happen

One thing about learning chords is that you will practice trying to finger a chord and get it to sound good many many times.

Then one day you try it and you got it. Hard chords have a way of doing this. Your practice isn’t for nothing it will come.

Good clean notes are essential especially if you plan on playing through distortion boxes or pedals. They will amplify your bad form and sound.

The Major Guitar Barre Chords

The root notes for the below chords are on these strings.

6th,4th & 1st

5th and 3rd

5th and 2nd

In the above B♭ and D♭ you will just touch the 6th string with your index finger so it doesn’t sound. However if you are finger picking or playing in a country style you may want to use these notes as alternate bass notes.

The E♭ form doesn’t get a lot of use but it’s good to know.

The Minor Barre Chords

The root notes for the minor chords below are on strings…

6th,4th & 1st

5th and 3rd

4th and 2nd

2nd string

The E♭ minor form above is hard to grab in a fast song so it’s use is limited unless you practice on it.

The Dominant 7th Barre Chords

The root notes for the 7th chords below are on these string…

6th and 1st

5th string

6th and 1st

5th and 3rd

The last B♭7 chord is best played with a quick stroke like the Beatles tune “She’s a Woman”.

The Minor 7th
Guitar Barre Chords

The root notes for the Minor 7th chords are on these strings.

6th and 1st

5th string

6th and 1st

The Gm7 chord uses the third finger as the bar much like the B♭ chord in the major chords.

I hope you found this page useful.

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Locrian Sharp 6 ModeAnother Improvising Tool

The locrian sharp 6 mode comes from the 2nd note of the harmonic minor scale

This mode will give you something to play over minor 7th flat five chords. These are usually short time chords.

Learn Scales EasierTake it for a Free Ride

Guitar Scales Method

Chord Names

These chords also have other names. A Bm7♭5 is also a Dm6 and a G9/no root. So this scale can be used on these chords as well.

Here I’m going to play the B Locrian sharp 6 over a Bm7♭5 chord.

The B Locrian sharp 6 mode played against an A B minor flat 5 chord

Locrian ♯6 Mode

Locrian ♯6 List

The E♭ and D♯ modes are the same pitch just written different. This is where I switched to the sharp keys.

The Formula


This one isn’t too helpful. Here is the locrian formula.


Make the ♭6 of the Locrian mode a natural(up one fret) and you have it.

Sometimes its just easier to think of this as mode 2. The harmonic minor but start on the 2nd note.

In the key of A minor it’s easy because all you need to remember is the G is sharp and everything else is natural.

I hope you found this page useful.


The Ionian Sharp 5 Mode…for Maj7♯5 Chords

The Ionian sharp 5 mode will give you a scale to use for major 7th chords with a raised 5th. Not a real common chord but you may run across it in your musical journey.

Some scales or modes may sound very strange to you at first as with some chords, You have to develop an ear for these new sounds. Rock and roll sounded strange to many people when it first came out.

This Mode comes from the third note of the harmonic minor scale.

Here are a couple maj7♯5 chord diagrams

Here is this mode played against a Cmaj7♯5 chord. Mode notes only.

The C Ionian sharp 5 mode played against a C major 7th sharp 5 chord

It has an out of tune sound to it but this type chord changes fast.

Ionian ♯5 Mode List

As with the other modes the D♯ and E♭ are the same scale just written different.

The Ionian ♯5 Formula


An easy one the Ionian mode is the same as the major scale except you have to raise the 5th one fret.

Other Scales

There are also other scales and modes. Modes are scales within a scale starting on each of the different notes of the main scale.

The Dorian mode comes from the 2nd note of the major scale. This is a popular minor scale used in many songs. In the key of C the notes would be D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D

Have you ever listened to Al DiMeola? He likes the Harmonic minor scale in A it would be A-B-C-D-E-F-G♯-A. That F to G♭ give it a distinct sound. He also uses the Gypsy minor scales A-B♭-C♯-D-E-F-G or A-B♭-C♯-D-E-F-G♯

I hope you found this page useful.


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Guitar Songs

What are guitar songs? These are songs that need a guitar in them to sound like the original recording. No other instrument sounds like the guitar.

It’s the tone and rhythm of each individual guitar part that makes them unique. These parts are usually simple to play once you figure out what the guitar player is doing.

Some Rolling Stones Songs

Many songs have guitar parts in them that are essential to the character of the song. Imagine the Stones song Satisfaction without the fuzzed up 3 note riff that makes the song what it is.

Another Rolling Stones classic “The Last Time” has a guitar riff that makes the song. I heard Dwight Yokum a Country singer do this song and it sounded great with a Southern Twang because he kept that riff in the song.

How about the beginning of “Gimme Shelter” with that tremolo rhythm guitar. This song would not sound right without it.

Mick Jagger’s singing also makes their songs. He knows how to phrase and enunciate words, you wouldn’t think he had an English accent in songs like “Heart Breaker” and “Honky Tonk Woman”.

Here’s a page to learn some Stones songs.

More Guitar Songs

Another group that has many guitar riffs in them as the song basis is The Beatles. One song “She’s a Woman” only uses a staccato 7th chord. They way John Lennon plays it makes it hard to duplicate on any other instrument, he slides down off it slightly giving it a unique sound.

Another song is Day Tripper. This isn’t far from Roy Orbison’s song Pretty Woman beginning guitar lick.

Beatles Guitar Songs

The Beatles actually had a short career as a group recording music from around 1962 to 1970. But they produced an enormous amount of great music in that short time.

They all went on recording as individuals and with other people but that magic of The Beatles was lost forever.

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones used to go to the Beatles recording session. The beatles had a system where they could get a good take on a song playing it live with only a few recordings.

It’s actually hard to get a good recording because everything has to be perfect. This not only includes the musicians but the people recording you, microphone placement, amp settings. Everything.

Most recordings back then were recorded live as if they were playing in concert. Today they have a lot more ways with all the digital magic that can blend things in better.

Here’s a page to learn some Beatles songs.

More Guitar Songs

Another one of my favorite guitar players is Eric Clapton.

He’s been playing guitar for as long as I can remember. He started playing in clubs with a group called the Roosters in 1963 and then on to The Yardbirds, BluesBreakers, Cream and on until today.

I started following his playing from John Mayall and the BluesBreakers. He was very good back then even though he was young. His phrasing was that of a mature musician not a young guitar player.


Beatles Songs

Learning Beatles songs is all I seemed to do when I was learning guitar. I learned other peoples songs too but I learned the most about music from the Beatles tunes

They seemed to be coming out with a new album before I could learn the songs on the one before.

John and Paul did most of the song writing but George Harrison had some very good songs too. Frank Sinatra said the song “Something” written by George was the best love song he had heard in 20 years. Frank was a Swooner from years before the Beatles.

The Beatles had a lot of songs with good guitar riffs in them. Day Tripper, Ticket to Ride and I Feel Fine are just a few of them.

The first song we’ll learn is Day Tripper.

Day Tripper
Beatles Songs

Day Tripper Chords

There are some more for the middle break in the song. I will list them down below. The chords up above will do the main part of the song.

Day Tripper Guitar Riffs

Riff One – E Chord

You know exactly what song is coming right after you hear that 1st note.

This is what I mean by “guitar songs”. No other instrument can sound like this naturally and then when the bass kicks in with the lead guitar. It’s just a great song.

Riff Two – A Chord

The second riff is just the 1st riff played a perfect 4th higher.

The I to IV chord change is in many songs and just about any style of music like Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country Folk and any combination of them.

You will find the 4th movement in Beatls songs and other songs to not just the I to IV. It can be the ii to V a very common progression and chord move within a song.

Here are the Cd and sheet music links.

Past Masters CD – Day Tripper

Day Tripper – Sheet Music

(Opens New Window)

Day Tripper

Words and music written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

 Guitar Riff 1 singing starts on 6th Riff. Verse 1 E Got a good rea-son for tak-ing the ea-sy way out Riff 2 over A chord then back to Riff 1 A E Got a good rea-son for tak-ing the ea-sy way out now F#7 She was a day trip-per One way tick-et Yeh It took me A G#7 C# B So Long to find out and I found out E Riff 1 Two Times Verse 2 Same Chords as Verse 1 Play Riff 4x then lead Lead Section Lead Section B B7 Riff 3 4x 8 bars guitar lead Riff 1 Two Times Verse 3 Same Chords as Verse 1 and 2 Riff 1 Two Times Repeat and Fade
Day Trip-per        Day Trip-per Yeh

Lead Back-up Riff B-B7 Chords

Lead Section Chords

Use the B7 chord for the last two measures of the lead section. The lead is backed by Ah_________ vocal in harmony.

If you bought the sheet music from Music Notes in the link above(or here) follow that. They have very exact transcripts.

Ticket to Ride
Beatles Songs

This riff uses open strings and notes on the 6th and 7th frets. This may confuse you at first because your are going up a string to go down in pitch. You’ll see what I mean when you try it.

Here’s the Riff. This one stays the same and you only use it on the A chord. You can pick out notes from the other chords using the same rhythm as the riff except when the song changes rhythm.

There are two bars of the riff in the example so playing the barr twice gives you 4 riffs.

Ticket to Ride Riff

Ticket to Ride Chords

These are all movable barre chords.

Ticket to Ride

Words and music written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

 Play Riff Example 2x Verse 1 A I think I'm gon-na be sad I think it's to-day Yeh A Bm7 E7 The girl that's driv-ing me mad is go-ing a-way F#m D F#m G She's got a tick-et to ride She's got a tick-et to ri - hi hide F#m E7 A She's got a tick-et to ride but she don't care Verse 2 Verse 2 same Chords Song Bridge 1 D7 I don't know why she's rid-ing so high She ought to D7 E think right she ought to do right by me D7 Be-fore she gets to say-ing good-bye She ought to D7 E7 think right she ought to do right by me - Little Lead Verse 1 Repeat Song Bridge 2 Bridge 2 Same as Bridge 1 Verse 3 Repeat Verse 2 Verse 3 Same Chords Ending Repeat and Fade
My ba-by don't care    My ba-by don't care

Links to CD and Sheet music pages.

The Beatles Help CD

Ticket to Ride – Sheet Music

(Opens New Window)

One of the things about Beatles songs is most of them are timeless. In other words the song Michelle or In My Life could have been written in the 1800’s or in 2050 and it would still be a good song.

A lot of their songs are about love and relationships which are timeless except in divorce court(Your Times Up).

If you like this page about Beatles songs let me know. Just hit the Contact Us button and tell me what you think.


What a List of Guitar Chords!

It’s hard to believe a list of guitar chords can be this big from one major scale. There are eleven more major scales to explore. This is a list every guitar player should check out.

Not all chords come from the major scale. The minor scales contribute too. You don’t have to remember where they all come from this is just a way of organizing them.

The guitar is a very versatile instrument when it comes to chords. We can create chords like no other instrument can without getting into electronics.

You can tune the guitar in a lot of different tunings and come up with some great sounding chords.

I Major Chords

C Major – C E G

CMa7 – C E G B

C sus2 – C D G

Cma7/6 – C E G A B

C sus2/6 – C D G A

C add9 – C E G D

C sus4 – C F G

C6/9 – C E G A D

C sus4/6 – C F G A

Cma9 – C E G B D

C sus4/9 – C F G D

Cma13 – C E G B D A

There isn’t anyway to play these chords on guitar using all of the notes. This is just how the chord structure is layed out.

Many of these notes are the same, the 6th note is the same as the 13th. It’s just that it’s supposed to have all these other notes before it.

We use shorter versions with the 3rd, 7th and essential notes.

ii Minor Chords

D sus2 – D E A

Dm7 – D F A C – Also called F6

D sus2/6 – D E A B

Dm7/11 – D F A C G

D sus4 – D G A

Dm7 sus2 D E A C

D sus4/6 – D G A B

Dm7 sus4 – D G A C

D sus4/9 – D G A E

Dm add9 – D F A E

Dm – D F A

Dm9 – D F A C E

Dm6 – D F A B

Dm11 – D F A C E G

Dm6/9 – D F A B E

Dm13 – D F A C E G B

iii Minor Chord

This is a short list. This chord doesn’t get the use that the ii or vi minor chords get because of a minor 9th interval, a not so good sounding interval.

Em – E G B

Em7 sus4 – E A B D

E sus4 – E A B

Em7b9 – E G B D F

Em7 – E G B D

Em7/11 – E G B D A

IV Major Chords

This chord has the least number of chord types out of the 3 major chords.

F Major – F A C

F6/9 – F A C D G

F add9 – F A C G

Fma7 – F A C E

F sus2 – F G C

Fma7/6 – F A C D E

F sus2/6 – F G C D

Fma9 – F A C E G

F6 – F A C D

Fma13 – F A C E G D

V Major Chords

This is the granddaddy list of guitar chords. It’s the main guitar chord for blues. This is where the dominant 7th chord comes from.

G Major – G B D

G7 sus2 – G A D F

G sus2 – G A D

G7 sus4 – G C D F

G sus2/6 – G A D E

G7 sus4/6 – G C D E F

G sus4 – G C D

G7/6 – G B D E F

G sus4/6 – G C D E

G7/11 – G B D F C

G sus4/9 – G C D A

G7/6/11 – G B D E F C

G6 – G B D E

G9 – G B D F A

G add9 – G B D A

G11 – G B D F A C

G6/9 – G B D E A

G11/13 – G B D F A C E

G7 – G B D F

G13 – G B D F A E

We’re not done with this list of guitar chords we still have some minor keys to explore.

vi Minor Chords

This list has a little more than the iii minor chord but it’s not too long

Am – A C E

A7 sus2 – A B E G

A sus2 – A B E

A7 sus4 – A D E G

A sus4 – A D E

Am7/11 – A C E G D

A sus4/9 – A D E B

Am9 – A C E G B

Am7 – A C E G

Am11 – A C E G B D

vii Chords

This gets a short list of guitar chords.

B° – B D F

Bm7b5 – B D F A

If you look at these chords you will see that they are combinations of triads added together. C major 7th is a C and an Em combined. They both share an E and a G. This list of guitar chords isn’t as confusing as you may think. You just have to understand it’s simple structure.

I hope you found this page useful.

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