Harmonic Minor 7th Mode for…Diminished and Dominant 7th

The harmonic minor 7th mode can also be used for diminished 7th and dominant 7th chords by starting ½ tone above the root.

This scale will work for a G♯ diminished chord or a G7 chord giving it a ♭9 sound.

The A minor harmonic mode played against a G sharp diminished chord

I only played mode notes so you can here its character. The diminished 7th can be used in blues and rock as well as Jazz and beyond.

The Harmonic 7th Mode List

The D♯ and E♭ are the same scale just written different. This is where I switched from flat to sharp keys in the list.

The Harmonic 7th Mode Formula

This mode doesn’t have a related mode name that I know of.

Here is the mode built from a major scale formula


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Discover Minor 6th Chords

You see minor 6th chords in minor chord drop progressions where the bass note drops one semitone at a time.

These chords can be found in all types of music. This chord has two other names it can go by too. This is another chord with plurality. This is when a cord has 2 or more names.

It can also be called a minor 7th flat 5 and a 9th chord without a root.

Chords can be used without a root especially if there is a bass player, they are a little harder to keep track of unless you know some chord music theory

One note that is almost always in a chord is the 3rd, try keeping track of chords without roots that way.

Chord Origins

The minor 6th chord can built from the second note of the major scale. It can also be built from the minor scales.

Here are some Dm6 chord diagrams.

All of these chords are movable and they all have 3 names, so you have a lot of chords to add to your chord book.

Only the ii Chord

You can’t build this chord from the other two minor chords in the major scale.

For E minor the 6th would have to be a C sharp not a C and for the A minor chord the 6th would have to be an F sharp not an F.

Melodic Minor Scale

They can also be built from the 1st two notes of the melodic minor scale.

These chords aren’t played for long periods, they are usually part of a drop progression.

Don’t forget these chords have two other names. A Dm6 can be a G9 without a root(G) or a Bm7♭5.

Here’s a link to the melodic minor scale section if you want to check these scales out.

Melodic Minor Scale

Harmonic Minor Scale

They can be built from the 4th note of the Harmonic minor scale too.

Now you know if you see one of these chords your in the major scale, Melodic scale or the Harmonic scale.

Here’s a link to the Harmonic scale page.

Harmonic Minor Scale

Minor 6th Chords – Other Names

If you don’t understand chord construction check out these other pages and come back. They will open in a new window so you can go back and forth to get a better understanding.

Music Intervals
Chord Triads

The formula for making this chord from the major scale is

1-2-3-4-5-6-7 These represent a major scale in numbers


Don’t confuse this with where the chord comes from. This is a way of making any chord from a major scale.

I hope you found this page useful.

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Welcome to Guitar Break Room

Guitar Break Room is a page made for taking a break from guitar learning and telling you about different products or websites that I have found to be useful.

These are mostly about music and computer but there’s other things too. Things we probably have in common.

I have come across some good sites and products in my travels around the internet and would like to tell you about them.

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I hope you find this page fun, useful and interesting

My Check List

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Music Products and Services

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About Satellite Radio

Music Downloads – Instant Music

One interest we all share whether you play guitar or not is music.

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Here’s another page that goes into more detail and where I like to download music without joining a music sevice.

Download Music

Concert Tickets – Live Music

Have you been to a concert lately? There is nothing like live music where you can feel the beat of the music besides hearing it. I like live music because you can “feel it” like turning up your stereo and feeling the bass and drums in your bones untill the neighbors complain.

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Guitar Break Room

Event Tickets

Band Music Posters – The 60’s are Back

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Free Stuff for Guitar

Here are a couple free things I found for guitar on the web. The first two are tuners for when you’re offline for Windows and Mac’s.

The next two are tab software programs. I use the one for windows and it works pretty good for free software.

Guitar Tuners

Windows Tuner

Mac Tuner

Tab Software

Tab for Windows

Tab for Mac

Computer Related Products

Printer Ink – Cheap and Fast

I have an Ink Jet printer and I found a good site for ink cartridges.

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Refill Kits

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Refill Kits

Health and Eating Right

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Pink Apple – Female Personal Care Superstore

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Cooking Recipes

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I hope you found this page useful.


Lead Guitar ScalesSecret Scales?….

Lead guitar scales. Are these secret scales known only to the really good guitar players? They are the same old boring major and pentatonic scales.

They use the same scales you see all through this site. The main ones are the major and minor pentatonic scales and the major and minor blues scales.

They also use the major scale but that is where these other scales really came from. The pentatonic scales are actually short versions of the major scale and the Aeolian Mode that comes from the major scale.

How Come “They” Sound So Good?

When you practice scales you probably play the whole scale, this is how everyone is taught scales.

However in a song or lead you never use the whole scale like you practice it because it would sound like a practice lesson.

You have to skip notes, reverse them and anything else you can think of.

The “Real” Reason
“They”Sound so Good

“They Follow the Chord Changes”

You have heard players that don’t change with the chords, you get bored with their playing quickly because there is no change, it’s monotonous.

You have to change with the chords and flow into the chord changes.

Varying your rhythm is another way to enhance your guitar leads.

Chord Tones

You must know all the notes in the chords. Any of these notes can be used in your lead. You will find that many of the chords you change to share a note or two. After a little practice of memorizing the notes in chords it will become 2nd nature

If you had a C9 chord you would have C-D-E-G-B♭ chord tones. The major blues C-D-E♭-E-G-A, minor blues C-E♭-F-G♭-G-B♭.

You have to be careful with how you play the A note(keep it short) because of the B♭. It will clash and sound bad.

Check out the chord pages to see how chords are made. This will help you to remember the notes in them.

Guitar Chord Theory

Open Strings

Just because you are playing up the neck doesn’t mean you can’t use open strings. If an open string is in the chord or scale you can use it. This also gives you a little extra time for shifting to another position.

All the open strings E-A-D-G-B-E are in many major keys like C, D, A, G. Other major scales will have one or more open notes you can use.

Other Scales

There are also other scales and modes. Modes are scales within a scale starting on each of the different notes of the main scale.

The Dorian mode comes from the 2nd note of the major scale. This is a popular minor scale used in many songs. In the key of C the notes would be D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D

Have you ever listened to Al DiMeola? He likes the Harmonic minor scale in A it would be A-B-C-D-E-F-G♯-A. That F to G♭ give it a distinct sound. He also uses the Gypsy minor scales A-B♭-C♯-D-E-F-G or A-B♭-C♯-D-E-F-G♯

Check out the scales section of the site to learn more.

Guitar Chord Theory

And here is a software product that helps learning scales easier to do.

Learn any scale you want anywhere on the guitar fretboard in less time than you ever thought possible.

One catch. You have to apply yourself.

(Opens New Window)

Different Tunings

A lot of guitarist’s use open tunings for guitar. This is good for fingerpicking and slide guitar. George Thorogood uses open tunings on many songs.

Check out my page on tunings below.

Alternate Guitar Tunings

Transcibe Software

This is software that helps you learn a song from a recording. You can slow it down and still keep the original pitch and you can change keys too. You can also do loops for a tough section to repeat it.

You should already know some chords and songs before trying this software, but it does have a free trial period and it’s a small download. Check it out.

Transcribe! for Windows, Mac or Linux (Opens New Window)

Thank You for Reading Our Lead Guitar Scales Page


Minor Pentatonic ScalesFind Those Licks

The minor pentatonic scale is responsible for countless little licks that make you recognize songs. This is the first scale every guitarist starts out improvising with because it’s so easy to remember and play.

This is another scale that stems from the major scale.

Natural Minor Scale
The Minor Pentatonic’s Mother

The Natural minor scale is the mother scale for the minor pentatonic scale.

This scale comes from the 6th note of the major scale. Every major scale has a relative minor scale the starts on the 6th note of the major scale. It will have the same number of sharps and flats and share the same key signature.

Here is how the natural minor scale sounds

The A Minor natural scale

The Minor Pentatonic

This scale coming from the natural minor scale is a short version leaving out the 2nd and 6th notes.

You may see this scales numbers shown like this 1 3b 4 5 7b. They are using the major scale to show how it is built. This is common, most chord formulas are shown this way. I used the natural minor scale to show you because that is where the minor penta scale comes from.

This is a very useful scale for improvising in any type of music

The A Minor Pentatonic Scale

Minor Penta Patterns

These patterns are just like the major pentatonic except that the root is different. You can see that part of one pattern is in the next pattern. This will help you play all the way up the neck.

You can start with any pattern and go in either direction up or down. The 5th pattern has part of the first pattern in it. It’s a circle like the major scales.

Nut is on top, 6th string on your left

Patterns for Left-Handers

Nut is on top 6th string on your right

Relative Major Scale

Every minor penta scale has a relative major scale. This is just like the major scales. They have a relative minor scale built from the 6th note in the major scale.

We can do it a little different with the pentatonic scales. If you play an A minor penta scale your relative major scale is C a minor third or 3 frets upward.

If you use pattern 1 the minor root is played with your first finger and the major root is played with the fourth finger.

If the chord your are playing over is a C you would use the C note as your “home” note. The minor scale works over major chords for improvising but the major doesn’t work as well over minor chords.

The minor third note is also the augmented 9th note which may be why it works that way. The augmented 9th chord was made popular for non jazz guitarist’s by the Jimi Hendrex’s song “Stone Free”.

I hope you found this page useful.


The Dorian Sharp 4 Mode..Minor Chord Improvising Scale

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The Dorian sharp 4 mode can be used for any minor triad or a 6th, 7th, 9th or 11th. A very useful mode.

A point to remember about minor 7th and major 6th chords. A major 6th is also a minor 7th chord.

An example F-A-C-D is an F6 chord and D-F-A-C is a Dm7.

This means that you can use this scale over an F6 chord too. This will depend on the song and what sound you want.

This theory will work well sometimes not so well other times. When you see an F6 they usually want a F bass note not a D and vice versa.

Experience will tell you when to use it and when not to. Experiment.

Guitar Scales Software

Learn Scales EasierTake it for a Free Ride

Guitar Scales Method

You can use either arpeggio for either chord when improvising. A arpeggio is the notes of a chord played in single notes, sometimes with a sweep motion.

Here are a few Dm7 chord forms.

Here is what this dorian sharp 4 mode sounds like played against a Dm7 chord.

The D Dorian sharp four play against a D minor 7th chord

It’s like a minor pentatonic with one of the blue notes(♯4/♭5) in it.

The Dorian ♯4 Mode List

The Dorian ♯4 Mode Formula

Raise the 4 of the Dorian by one fret.

Here it is based on the major scale.



The Ionian ModeThe Major Scale

The major scale and the Ionian mode are the same scale. I included it in the modes just to make them complete or in case you entered the site from a modal keyword.

This mode because it is the major scale can be used for improvising over every chord in the major scale.

Ionian Scale Formula

The formula for the this mode is 1-2-3-4-5-6-7

Here’s what it sounds like.

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Lead Guitar Scales


Discover The D Major Scale

The D major scale is good for acoustic guitars because all of the open strings work in this scale. It has two sharps in it the F and C notes.

The open strings.

6th string E which can be a 2 or 9

The 5th string which is the 5th

The 4th which is the root note

The 4rd string which is a 4th

The 2nd string which is a 6 the relative minor note

The 1st string which is a 2 or 9 just like the 6th string.

This scale is made from last tetra-chord in G major and the first tetra-chord in the A major scale.

You will see the same notes and chords in the keys of D, G and A major scales.

D Major Scale PDF

The D Scale Construction

D Scale Tetra-Chords

A tetra-chord is four adjacent notes having a whole tone interval between the first 3 notes and a half tone interval between the 3rd and 4th note. Each major scale has two tetra-chords in it.

The first one comes from the last G major scale tetra-chord and the second one comes from the first A major scale tetra-chord.


1st Tetrachord


2nd Tetrachord


D Major Scale Numbers

All major scales have numbers and note names for easy identification. This makes it possible to refer to all scales and chords no matter what key you are in.

The chords are usually written in Roman numerals, upper case is for major chords and lower case is for minor and diminished chord forms.

D Major Notation-Tab

D Major Chords

D Major Chord Diagrams

D Major Key signature

This is how the first bar in sheet music looks like when you’re in the key of D. The sharp symbol is over the F line and C space in the music staff.

Learn Scales EasierTake it for a Free Ride

Guitar Scales Method

Songs can have other flats or sharps in it but they get marked on the staff next to the note. Every note in the F and C position in the music staff will be sharp but not marked except by the key signature in the beginning of the sheet music.

This keeps it easier to read as we get more flats or sharps in a key.

Major Key


Key Signature

Rel Minor


F♯, C♯


Staff Line-Space Names

Thank You for Visiting Our D Major Scale Page.

I hope you found this page useful.


Discover the B Flat Major Scale

The B flat major scale adds one more flat giving us a B and an E flat in this scale. We are moving in the circle of 4ths with the scales.

This is a popular key for songs that have horns like a saxophone in them. It has something to do with their tuning.

This scale is made from two tetrachords from the E flat and F scale.

Check out the major scales page for info on the tetrachord.

major scales page

You will see the same notes and chords in the F, B♭ and C scales because they are related.

B Flat Scale PDF Download

B Flat Scale

The first four notes(tetrachord) of this scale came from the key of E♭. The last four notes of the B♭ scale come from the key of F.

A tetra-chord is a four note group of notes that make up one half of a major scale. Major scales each have two of these.

Learn How to Use scales not just Memorize them

Take it for a Free Ride

Guitar Scales Method

(Opens New Window)

The first B flat tetra-chord comes from the last tetra-chord in the E flat scale and the second one comes from the first tetrachord in the F major scale.


1st Tetrachord


2nd Tetrachord


B Flat Major Scale Numbers

The major scales have numbers that go with the notes to help you keep track of them. It’s also a way of referring to notes and chords so it will apply to any major scale.

Usually this is used to refer to the chords but it is also our way of building our chords from scales. Chords are usually written in Roman numerals, upper case for major chords and lower case for minor chords.

B Flat Major Scale Notation and Tablature

B Flat Major Chords

B Flat Major Chord Diagrams

B Flat Major Key signature

This is how the first bar in sheet music will look if you are in the key of B♭. The flat symbol circles the B line and the E space in the staff.

You will have other flats or sharps in it. They will be marked in the music itself but the B’s and E’s won’t be so you have to remember them.

Major Key


Key Signature

Rel Minor


B♭, E♭


Reading Music Notes

Here is a link on how to read music notes on staff.

Reading Music Notes


Guitar Barre ChordsIncrease Your Chord Inventory

These guitar barre chords or guitar bar chords as I’ve seen it spelled will give you more control of where to play chords.

There isn’t a lot of them but barre chords are essential for any type of guitar playing. You can’t function as a guitar player without knowing these basic movable chords.

The Barre or Bar is Your Index Finger

Your index finger acts like the nut that holds your strings at the top of the neck or like a guitar capo does.

The best part about these chords is that they are movable which makes learning one form equal to 12 or more chords.

The Clamp = Thumb + Index Finger

You understand that your index finger will act as the nut does. Your index finger needs some help from the thumb to help keep it snug to the neck.

You only want to apply enough pressure to get clean notes on all strings, anything more than this will cause fatigue and make you slower.

Your thumb should be in or about the center of the back of the neck, this will give you the best holding power and allow you to move fingers 2,3 and 4 while holding down the index finger.

This will be necessary to do when playing rhythm guitar or chord melody or riffs that come off chords.

You will find this thumb position doesn’t work for all chords but it does for most Barre Chords.

Some Guitar Barre Chord Practice

If you are new to barre chords or need to get clearer sounds with them. Here is a little practice lesson.

Practice using your index finger like in the image below starting on the 10th fret. You want to have clear clean notes on every string.

You will have to reposition your finger until you find that “right” spot. Once you can get clear notes on the 10th fret go the 9th fret and repeat.

The 12th fret is the middle of your guitar strings. The string is easier to push down at this point.

As you go down the neck towards the tuning keys guitar barre chords will get harder because the strings don’t have as much give. Keep at it.

Adding Fingers

After you can get clean notes with your index finger you can add a finger and check for clean notes up and down the neck.

Place your index finger on the 10th fret to make your barre.

Add your middle finger to the 3rd string one fret above your finger barre. This will be the major 3rd for some different barre chords.

Next add your 3rd(ring) finger to the 5th string two frets above your finger barre. This will be the 5th for some barre chords. With your 2nd finger and 3rd finger in place you are playing a dominant D7th chord. The root for the chord is on the 6th and 1st strings of your finger barre.

Next add your 4th(little) finger to the 4th string two frets above your finger barre. The chord now becomes a plain D major chord because your 4th finger took away the 7th note. This new note is a root note like the ones on the 6th and 1st strings.

You will play this barre chord form more than any of the other forms.

Chords Just Happen

One thing about learning chords is that you will practice trying to finger a chord and get it to sound good many many times.

Then one day you try it and you got it. Hard chords have a way of doing this. Your practice isn’t for nothing it will come.

Good clean notes are essential especially if you plan on playing through distortion boxes or pedals. They will amplify your bad form and sound.

The Major Guitar Barre Chords

The root notes for the below chords are on these strings.

6th,4th & 1st

5th and 3rd

5th and 2nd

In the above B♭ and D♭ you will just touch the 6th string with your index finger so it doesn’t sound. However if you are finger picking or playing in a country style you may want to use these notes as alternate bass notes.

The E♭ form doesn’t get a lot of use but it’s good to know.

The Minor Barre Chords

The root notes for the minor chords below are on strings…

6th,4th & 1st

5th and 3rd

4th and 2nd

2nd string

The E♭ minor form above is hard to grab in a fast song so it’s use is limited unless you practice on it.

The Dominant 7th Barre Chords

The root notes for the 7th chords below are on these string…

6th and 1st

5th string

6th and 1st

5th and 3rd

The last B♭7 chord is best played with a quick stroke like the Beatles tune “She’s a Woman”.

The Minor 7th
Guitar Barre Chords

The root notes for the Minor 7th chords are on these strings.

6th and 1st

5th string

6th and 1st

The Gm7 chord uses the third finger as the bar much like the B♭ chord in the major chords.