Guitar Picking Techniques

There are quite a few guitar picking techniques to get different sounds out of a guitar.

You may not think it but picking controls your sound of your guitar as much as the material your guitar is made from and the pick-ups you might have on it.

If you play with your fingers they also effect the tone. You can use fingernails to play the strings or the tips of your fingers. Finger picks can also be used but they are mainly for steel guitar players

You can also use a pick with fingers in certain playing situations giving you yet another way to control your tone.

Plectrum or Pick Style

The main advantage of using a pick is for speed. It also makes it possible to play louder than with fingers which is good for Rock music.

The notes have a more treble sound than using fingers.

The pick can also be used for the tapping technique giving a different tone than the fingers.

This alternate picking page is very important for all your guitar picking.

This is where you play one note on the down stroke and the next on the up-stroke, over and over.

This way of picking is essential for fast single note playing.

Here is a link to a page with more on alternate picking.

Alternate Picking

Tremelo Picking

This is the alternate picking in a very fast pace. It can be used on more than one string. Stevie Ray Vaughn used this picking style on a couple of his slower songs.

This style of picking was popular in guitar instrumentals during the 50’s and early 60’s.

A tremelo used to be an effect on guitar amps years ago that made the sound go kind of back and forth, much like talking through a window fan when you were a kid. Tremelo and Reverb were the only effects available back then.

Tremolo Picking

Sweep Picking

Sweep picking is playing a chord or arpeggio fast in a downward or upward motion but making each note sound individual and not like a chord.

This requires some very controlled muscle co-ordination to be done right. Don’t just rake across the strings because that isn’t the same. That is another technique that uses muted strings for an effect.

Sweep picking is one of the guitar picking techniques that makes it possible to play very fast clean Melodic lines like Al Di Meola does.

This technique is usually combined with alternate picking so it’s essential to practice both.

Sweep Picking

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Learn Guitar while You…. Play Some Easy Songs

Entering the world of music making and trying to learn guitar can be a little intimidating with all there is to learn.

Take it a little at a time and it becomes easy. Learning a few chords to start out will get you playing some easy songs. This will keep you interested as you learn about music.

Learn to Play Guitar – Start Now

The guitar is the greatest musical instrument ever invented. You can play any style of music, from an emotional love song to a ear shattering rock solo and everything in between.

Do you love guitar music?

Do you have a guitar sitting in a closet?

Have you always had a desire to play?

Have you tried to learn before?

Learn Guitar Easier Now

Times have changed and learning guitar isn’t as hard as it used to be in the 60’s when I learned.

You have many more ways of learning how to play guitar than ever before.

Computers have changed the way we learn guitar.

There are formats like books, audio, video, software and internet guitar sites, with instant downloads or sign-ups

Start Learning Guitar Now

Learning how to play guitar is fairly easy with a little patience. You already have a sense of rhythm from nursery rhymes and childhood songs. You use it when you tap your foot to a song, see you already know how to keep time.

Here are some easy chords to start learning guitar with. There are many things to learn about music and the guitar, but try to play something even if it sounds bad. This is the starting point for everybody.

Try to finger all of these chords except the F and the Dm7 with the very tips of your fingers so you don’t block any other notes from ringing out.

The best way to do this is to keep your thumb in the middle of the back of the neck. The higher the thumb goes the lower your fingers go.

There are times when the thumb should be higher like for stretching strings but this is not one of them.

The quickest way to learn guitar is to learn some easy chords first and then use them to play some easy songs. You still have to learn the basics but by being able to play something in the beginning it will keep your interest.

An Easy Rolling Stones Song to Play

One of the songs you can use to learn guitar is the Rolling Stone’s song “You can’t always get what you want”. It goes back and forth between the C and F until the lyrics “if you try sometimes” and then it switches to D to F and back to the C to F thing. Don’t forget to tune up.

Listen for the chord changes in the song. This is the beginning of really listening to music and learning guitar.

Get Tuned

Here are links to an mp3 download of the song and one for sheet music for it. This will open in a new window

You Can’t always Get What You Want

The Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want Sheet Music (Digital Download)

There are literally hundreds of songs that you can use to learn guitar, some are probably your favorite songs.

You’ll be surprised by how many great songs are composed with only 3 or 4 chords.

There are many aspects to learning guitar but this will get you started.

You get hooked once you hear yourself play along with a song or two. Learning to play guitar is just the beginning of a lifetime journey into playing music.

Guitar Playing Styles – Learn Them All

There are quite a few ways to play a guitar.

Playing with a pick – This is the most popular

Finger-style using a thumb pick

Finger-style or Classical using your fingers to pick

A combination of pick and fingers called hybrid picking

Slide guitar- You can use a pick or fingers or hybrid picking

Any style above can be used on an acoustic or electric guitar

Learning guitar all these way is the way to go. They each have their purpose for different songs and styles of music.

Learning Guitar Basics

You should learn or at least understand the following things to get started.

Learning the guitar fretboard will take a little time if you just started learning guitar.

These pages will show you some of the basics, you can also find more info in the guitar basics and beginner guitar pages.

Here are some buying tips in case you don’t have a guitar yet. It may save you some money and aggravation.

Don’t spend a lot of money on a guitar until your ready to stick with it.

How to buy a guitar.

Learning Guitar has no Age Limit

Your age doesn’t matter 8 to 80, if you can hold a guitar in your lap, your ready to learn guitar.

The older you are the easier to understand the basics.

The younger you are the more flexible your muscles.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages like everything else in life.

If you have a young child with a desire to learn guitar there are smaller versions (not toys) of guitars to get them started.

Learning Guitar – The Learning Never Stops

Learning guitar or any musical instrument is a life long learning process. Even after you think you know it all, there is always some new technique or song you will want to learn.

Even if you stop playing for a while, what you have learned will stay with you for the rest of your life.

This is especially true for the new way you will listen to music from now on.

You will also get the urge to play much like the urge you get for your favorite food or activity.

Enjoy the Journey.

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Guitar Ear Training

Music Gift Ideas Page or Music Gift Ideas List

Your guitar ear training starts as soon as you start to play guitar. You don’t realize it when you first start playing guitar but your brain is remembering these pitches you play.

As time goes by you learn to recognize chord sounds and progressions simply by repetition. The blues progression is most likely the first one you will recognize when you hear a song using it on the radio or TV.

This progression also shows up in Country and Rock songs too but played with a different rhythm.

Staying in Tune

When you started playing guitar you were learning by ear without paying attention to your tuning.

To play guitar by ear you must train your ears right. You must play in tune all the time. If you don’t your brain will be remembering several different pitches for the same note. Your brain doesn’t know the right pitch from the wrong one it only knows what you teach it.

Stay tuned to concert pitch. This is the standard around the world. It’s usually the A note at 440 hertz.

Here’s a link for more info on tuning and tune up.

About Guitar Tuning

Here is a link where you can tune up and check out the different tuners available.

Tune Up and Guitar Tuners

I use a metronome that has an A note in it for tuning so if your thinking of getting a tuner check out the metronomes, some have tuners in them.

This is a good way to go because you get two tools in one and you should use a metronome. They aren’t just for beginners they can be used to work anything up to speed accurately.

All types of Metronomes

(Opens New Window)

Perfect Pitch

There are some people born with the gift of perfect pitch. These people can recognize a pitch. They must learn what the pitch is called by studying music and know what the note names are but even not knowing what the notes are called they know the difference.

As for the rest of us we must learn to recognize these pitches through practice.

Jimi Hendrix and Frank Sinatra both had this gift along with a lot of others. That would have been a Duo huh?

Relative Pitch
Guitar Ear Training

Relative pitch is what most of us learn although the terms absolute and perfect are also incorrectly used to explain this hearing expertise.

It’s called relative because we need a pitch to start from to determine what the distance from the first pitch is. Ever see a teacher use a pitch pipe to give a choir the first note of the song?

Learning to recognize individual notes is harder than learning to recognize the difference between two notes because you have a starting and ending point.

You will be able to recognize a I to IV chord change but not know what pitch the chords are unless you have the individual notes aurally memorized.

Music intervals is how we recognize the difference in pitch.

Here is a page explaining the music intervals in detail.

Music Intervals

Learning to Recognize Notes
Guitar Ear Training

Learning to recognize individual notes takes a lot of practice and you must make sure you are in tune to concert pitch or you will never learn.

People with Perfect pitch can recognize different notes because to these people the notes each have a certain different audible texture to them.

The octave doesn’t matter. All the C notes have this characteristic to them to the people with Perfect pitch.

Memorizing Trick
Guitar Ear Training

As you practice learning the individual notes it’s a good idea to give them a second name or characteristic.

It can be a taste or a color like orange or a mood like mad or sad or a fruit/ vegetable name.

Get the idea? Business people use a similar technique to remember clients names by associating something about them with their name as a reminder.

To make it even easier you can use the same letter as the note but you will need some doubles for sharps and flats.

You need 12 of these, one for each note.

Fruit-Vegetable-Herb Note List
Guitar Ear Training

Here is one I made up. With foods you will also think of a smell and a taste to help you remember better. The food starts with the note letter.

C = Cherry

C♯/D♭= Cranberry

D = Dates

D♯/E♭ = Dill

E = Eggplant

F = Figs

F♯G♭ = Fennel

G = Grapefruit

G♯/A♭ = Grapes

A = Apple

A♯/B♭ = Apricot

B = Banana

Dill and Fennel are spices. I couldn’t find 2 fruits or vegetables that began with D and F.

Dill is used for dill pickle spice and Fennel is a spice used in Italian sausage.

When you play a C note think of Cherry or whatever you made your list from. Then do the same with the rest of the notes.

Guitar Ear Training-Testing Yourself

To test yourself you need another person or some software because someone or a program has to play a note and you have to say what it is.

Before computers having another person was the only way to find out if you were learning these pitches. Now a computer program can test you for single notes, intervals, chords, scales and more, plus you don’t have to beg them.

Guitar and Bass Ear Training Software

I use a program that is good for all of these. It will give you years of intensive ear training. Ear training is not an overnight skill it takes a long time but 10-15 minutes a day will do it. You will notice yourself picking things up from songs on the radio just by listening.

This program also works for bass guitar. Check it out for yourself.

Guitar and Bass Ear Trainer

(Opens New Window)


The G Major Scale

The G major scale is the first sharp scale we learn after the C scale. It only has one sharp in it the F note.

This scale is made from two terachords from the C and the D scale.

This is a good key for open strings. The 2,3 and 4 open strings are a G chord.

These scales are made from each other you will see the same notes and chords in the G, C and D scales.

G Scale PDF

The G Scale Construction

The first four notes of this scale came from the key of C. The last four notes of the scale come from the key of D.

G Scale Tetra-chords

A tetra-chord is a four note section of notes that make up half a major scale. Each major scale has two of these.

Learn Scales EasierTake it for a Free Ride

Guitar Scales Method

The first G scale tetra-chord comes from the last C scale tetra-chord and the second one comes from the first D major scale tetrachord.


1st Tetrachord


2nd Tetrachord


G Major Scale Numbering

All the major scales have numbers that go with the notes for easy identification. You will find out later that this way of referring to numbers makes it possible to refer to all scales and chords no matter what key you are in.

Usually this is used to refer to the chords but it is also our way of building our chords from scales. When referring to chords the numbers are usually written in Roman numerals, upper case for major chords and lower case for minor chords.

If you want to learn about the modes of the major scale check out major scale modes.

G Major Chords

G Major Notation-Tab

G Major Chord Diagrams

G Major Key signature

Here’s the key signature for the key of G. The sharp symbol is over the F line in the music staff. This means every note in the F position in the music will be sharp.

You can have other flats or sharps in the music but they will be marked in the music itself.

This helps keep the music easier to read especially as we get more flats or sharps in a key.

Major Key


Key Signature

Rel Minor




Reading Music Notes

Here is a link on how to read music notes.

Reading Music Notes

I hope you found this page useful.


Learning the Lydian ModeIV Chord Improvising

The Lydian mode has a nice bright major sound to it making it good for a lot of music styles.

Modes are scales within scales. This mode comes from the 4th note of the major scale. If you play the C scale from F to F thats it.

This scale would have a raised 4th compared to the F major scale, it’s these little differences in scales and modes that give us unique sounds.

Most of these modes have certain notes that make it unique.

Learn Scales EasierTake it for a Free Ride

Guitar Scales Method

In this one it’s the sharp 4. This is the note you want to target in your solo’s if it sounds right with the progression or song.

This short track is the F Lydian played against an F chord

The F Lydian played against an F chord

Here we go with another list of modes for you to use while improvising. This works well over the IV chord in it’s parent scale, a major or maj7 chords.

It also works with major chords with a flatted 5th or raised 11th in them. The flat 5 and the raised 11th are the same note just an octave apart.

The flat five is a “blue” note, one of the notes that give the blues scale its unique sound

Each one starts from the 2nd column and reads left to right the first column tells you what key it came from.

Here we go with another list of modes for you to use while improvising. This works well over the IV chord in it’s parent scale, a major or maj7 chords.

It also works with major chords with a flatted 5th or raised 11th in them. The flat 5 and the raised 11th are the same note just an octave apart.

The flat five is a “blue” note, one of the notes that give the blues scale its unique sound

Each one starts from the 2nd column and reads left to right the first column tells you what key it came from.

The Lydian Formula

This formula goes 1-2-3-♯4-5-6-7

Raise the 4th of any major scale to make this mode

I hope you found this page useful.


Web Search

Welcome to Learn-guitar-asap’s web search page. We put this page here for your convenience.

If you want to do a search on the internet for any reason you can do it here without leaving the site.

The results from your search will appear right below the search box.

If you want to explore our site here’s a link to our site map.

Site Map

Thank you for visiting our site.

This page is for your convenience to search the web and read articles on our site at the same time. This is useful for anyone using dial-up waiting for pages to load.

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Harmonic Minor ScalesAdd a Latin Touch

These harmonic minor scales will add a Latin touch to your solo’s and you can combine them with pentatonic scales. This scale has a minor 3rd interval in it giving it a unique sound to spice up licks or leads

This scale is one of my favorite to use improvising over minor chords. Replace the C with a C sharp in the D minor Pentatonic and you will have the basic sound, the minor 3rd interval changes the whole mood. It gives that outside the scale touch for a moment.

The C sharp also leads back to your D note home chord nice too.

Here’s a written D minor harmonic scale with tab.

Here is what it sounds like.



Windows Media

The Harmonic Minor Scales

Harmonic Minor Chords

These are the chords for the harmonic minor scales, a little different than the melodic minor but keeping 3 chords the same.




























































































Harmonic Minor Scale Chord Forms

The first chord from the above list is a minor chord with a major 7th in it.

If you play these three chords in order you will hear a familiar progression used in many songs

The second chord is a minor 7th chord with a flatted 5th.

The 3rd chord is a major 7th with a raised 5th. This chord is used sparingly and for a short duration most of the time.

The 4th chord is a minor 7th, a common chord.

The 5th chord is a dominant 7th chord

The 6th chord is a major 7th

The 7th chord is a Diminished 7th

The diminished 7th chord has 4 names, one for each note it contains.

A G♯ diminished 7th can also be a B, D and F diminished chord.

This chord can be written as G♯ dim or G♯ ° using the degree sign.

This chord can also replace a 7th flat 9 chord, using the chord up one tone from the flat ninth chord. In other words replace a G7 flat9 with a G♯ diminished 7th chord.

Harmonic Scale Patterns

The squares are notes before or after the root, use them after you know how the scale is supposed to sound.

The nut is on the top , the 6th string is on the left.

Left Handed Patterns

The nut is on the top, the 6th string is on the right


Building Online BusinessPiece of Cake – Right?

The key to building online business. Create a website and throw in some ads and you got it made Right? Wrong.

What they don’t tell you is everything you need to know about making one web page let alone a whole site.

The reason I put this page up on my guitar site is because this is how I got the site started. I tried other ways and they all failed.

Do you know how to…

  • Create a good website name
  • Register your Domain Name so it works right
  • Find a good web host-this is where your site will live
  • How to upload files to your web host
  • Write html, CSS or javascript – Web browser languages
  • Submit to the search engines – Your site won’t exist unless
  • Get incoming links that will work(no search engine tricks)
  • Write articles that make people want to read more
  • Find ways to make money with a website
  • All without losing a lot of money and your sanity

This is a short list. There are many other aspects of web activities going on behind the scene.

Site Build It – Is The Answer

What is SBI?

Site Build it is a service that guides you through building an online business.

They provide the web hosting, domain registration, search engine pinging and lots more.

If you don’t know what these things are don’t w they will be explained as you go through the Site Build It process.

If You Can Use a Keyboard – You Can Do It. You pick the subject you want to build your business around, something you really like to talk about.

SBI has all the tools and know-how you need to successfully build a website and a web business

They will guide you through building an online business and all you have to know is how to use a word processor like notepad or the Mac equivalent.

If you would like to understand more about the process and how it’s possible for anyone to start an online business check out the link below

No Get Rich Quick Scheme
Building an Online Business

The only thing you have to do is work at it. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s about building an online business for years to come.

You will get a list of the steps to take and if you get stuck at any point there are plenty of people in the forums that have been there to ask for advice.

Check out the different life situations below and see if one fits you.

P.S. It’s Risk Free

All the below links take you to different SBI pages that will help explain how it works for different situations and people

How Much?

Before you read any more you probably want to know what this will cost.

It costs under a dollar a day(around $300.00 per year) which is a good buy considering all the behind the scene things they take care of.

They have a monthly payment too(around $30.00 per month) if you don’t want to put out the whole amount at once.

That includes your domain name and registration, web hosting for the year, e-mail account, 5000 newsletters a month and lots more.

You get guided through any set-up you need like putting a form on your site. There is a large forum with helpful people that have been there and done that in case you get stuck.

Special Services

They provide other services too, let’s say you already have a business but your not on the web. They can build your site for you for an extra charge of course.

They keep their prices very reasonable and they over deliver. In other words you get a lot more than you thought you were getting.

Who Needs SBI?
Building Online Business

Anybody that wants to have a website for profit or pleasure.

What are your interests, what do you do for work or pleasure. You won’t believe some of the topics people are making a living at online. The subjects are endless.

Would you think that you could make a business about Juggling or Apple Pies?

There are an endless number of subjects that people want to know about, maybe you know a lot about one of them.

See all the different types of sites created by SBI users.

Different Strokes – Different Folks

Here are some of the people or situations people are in that use or can use SBI for building online business.

Full Time Mom?
Building Online Business

What you are doing for your children is priceless. But did you know you could make some money and still take care of the kids?

All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a little time like while they nap and a little ambition.

You can start a business about anything you like to do, know about or want to know about. The last one requires extra research to learn about the subject.

You can even start one about being a full time mom and how you cope with all the basics of being one. This makes you an expert in the field because you’re doing it now.

Work From Home

You don’t have to be a mother to work from home. If you only need an office to run your business why not do it from home. No traffic or weather problems.

If you have a physical problem that makes getting around tough then this is good way to work.

Don’t have a business? You can start one online while you work your regular job at your own pace.

You can start a business that’s about what you like to do or your expertise on a subject or anything else that you are interested in.

Retired or Planning on?
Building Online Business

Do you have enough money to retire?

How many of us can say yes to that question?

Are you depending on the company you work for?. Companies are down-sizing, another way of saying they are getting rid of jobs, probably yours. You are at their mercy especially if you have a lot of years invested in the company. You are just a number to most companies, like a part on a car that can be replaced anytime it’s not working efficiently.

What type of work do you do or did you do? Find out how to turn that knowledge into income.

Are You an Expert?
Building Online Business

Whatever you do there other people that want to know how you do it and are willing to pay for this knowledge.

Learn how to make your knowledge sell. Just about any subject people want to know about is a good subject.

Collecting stamps, mountain climbing, taking care of kids, people want your knowledge.

Find out if people want to learn about your expert advice. Do a search on the internet on your subject. Did you get a lot of pages returned. If yes then this may be the start of your new online business as long as you can monetize on it.

Do You have a Favorite Passion?
Building Online Business

Do you have a passion about something. It can be almost any subject as long as others share a passion about it too.

It can be about collecting dolls, a particular food, baseball cards or a sport like scuba diving or sky diving.

Being passionate about your subject will make writing about it that much easier and less like work. Do you bore people talking about it? That’s a good sign because you have the whole world to find other people that won’t find it boring. Your future site visitors and customers

Local Business Owner?
Building Online Business

Do you have a local business. You can increase the number of customers that come to your place of business by having a website.

Depending on what goods or services you offer you may also be able to start shipping your product out of the normal range of your business

You can also offer specials and sales for much less money than your local newspaper to increase sales. You will also reach people that didn’t know your place existed.

Websites can be aimed for your area plus the rest of the world. It’s a great way to expand your business at a low cost.

Building Online Business

Are you a Doubting Thomas?

If you read all the way down to here you must have a slight interest in what SBI can do for you and your family

This page below will take you where you can see all the proof that SBI works if you do too. There are a lot of successful web business’s on the internet created with the help of SBI.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. You will have to do some learning and research but there is plenty of help through tools and forums.

Are you ready to see what is possible?

Questions? Ask Away
Building Online Business

You might want to know how it works. The CTPM process.

How much it will cost? It less than a dollar a day for a huge amount of service.

How long will it take to build your business? This depends on a lot of different factors. The more popular your subject means more competition which means more time getting your pages to rank high in web results.

How do you write articles for your site? You don’t have to be Stephen King to write web articles.

If you have any other questions just click on the image below.

Try SBI – Number One for Building an Online Business and we can prove it.

Thanks for Visiting Our Building Online Business Page. Give SBI a look-see. It’s free to window shop.

I hope you found this page useful.


Discover Slash Chords

What are slash chords? They sound like nasty evil chords but they’re actually pretty tame.

There are two types. One tells you what bass note to use for a chord like C/G. This means play a C chord with a G as the bass note.

The second one tells you to add notes represented as numbers like C6/9. This means to add a 9th to the C6 chord.

They don’t occur in every song but they happen enough that you should be familiar with them.

Chord Bass Notes – Slash Chords

Adding a bass note to use with a particular chord.

These are used by all musicians not just guitar players.

Am7/G would mean to play an A minor 7th with a G note as it’s bass note.

Another one you will see quite often is the I chord like C/G.

The reason for this is to follow a bass line. In other words you could play any C and it would fit in the music but with the C/G it would sound like the writer intended it to sound.

You may also see C/v which is the same thing they are just using the note degree or position instead of a letter

This isn’t as common as the note but you may see it and you’ll know what they mean.

All Chords = Slash Chords

You can use any note from the major scale for any chord from that scale

In other words in the key of C you have C D E F G A B C.

Now the C chord is C E G. So that leaves you with 4 other notes D F A B you can use with this C chord.

You can add the D as a bass note C/D. This makes this chord a C added 9th.

The next one is the C/F This you might call a C sus4th except it still has the 3rd in it. So you might call it a C added 11th

The next is C/A. This makes this chord a C6 or an Am7. You probably won’t see this because they would just use Am7.

The last one is C/B. You most likely won’t see this because it sounds really bad. This makes this chord a Cmaj7 but if you put the 7th before the root you will hear what I mean even though it is theoretically correct, maybe

Try this with these chords

That second chord sounds bad but it has the same notes as the first chord

It’s a minor ninth interval and is similar to a minor 2nd which you try to avoid playing together.

You could play each note individually and it wouldn’t sound bad but if you play them together they clash.

It’s a mathematical frequency thing but we just need to remember the minor 2nd/9th intervals.

Other Major Scales

Every major and minor chord are in 3 diffeent keys.

The C chord is in the C, F and G scales. this gives us a couple more notes to use.

In the F scale you would have the B♭ or the dominant 7th note that is used quite often

In the key of G you have the F♯ note. This is the flat 5 of the C chord, in this case you would replace the 5(G) note. This might also be called a C flat5 chord.

This note would work in the A minor chord but this would be called an Am6 although you may see Am/F♯.

Drop Progressions

You will see these slash chords in progressions where the bass note drops.

The bottom line is the songwriter wants this specific chord for their song.

You will see sheet music where they should have put a slash chord in the music but they didn’t. This is where knowing about these chords comes in handy.

Eric Clapton’s song Wonderful tonight uses one of these chords in the progression. Led Zepplins’ Stairway to Heaven has one in it too.

G                    D        C                        D
It's late in the eve - ning     she's won-dring what clothes to wear
G                    D        C                        D
She puts on her make -  up        and brush-es her long blonde hair
C                    D            G     D/F♯  Em
   And then she asks -  me        Do I look al-right?    
Em           C                   D
   And I say Yes        You look won-der-ful to-night
G            D                 C                D 

In the line Do I look Al-right the bass is going from G to F♯ to E

The bass guitar is probably doing the same but with a note or two extra.

You would use these chords.

Adding Notes – Slash Chords

Here we add notes by using numbers. Each note in a scale also has a number name that goes with it like below.

If you have some music with a chord symbol like C/add9 or C/9. You just have to add a 9 which is a D to a C chord.

You could have a C6/9 chord wich would mean add a 9 to a C6 chord.