Guitar Major 7th Chord Images

Guitar major 7th chord images. Here are some popular major 7th images. These chords have a very smooth sound. They are a combination of a major and a minor chord

These chords come from the first and fourth notes of the major scale.

The seventh chord that is made from the fifth note of the major scale is a dominant chord. The dominant seventh is one half tone lower than the major seventh.

You have to be careful when you try different combinations of these chord notes because the major 7th is a half tone from the root. The root should come before(lower tone) than the 7th.

These forms are the most popular but there are others try using open strings along with fingered notes. These won’t be movable but the will be unique in sound

C Major 7th Guitar Chords

The Notes for this chord are C, E, G and B.

These chords are found in the C and G major scales.

F Major 7th Guitar Chords

The Notes for this chord are F, A, C and E. Easy one to remember. This is also the names of the spaces in the treble clef in music notation, starting from the bottom.

These chords are found in the F and C major scales.

B Flat Major 7th Guitar Chords

The Notes for this chord are B flat, D, F and A.

These chords are found in the B flat and F major scales.

These chords are easy to remember because all you need to do is add a note one half tone from the octave of the root of a major chord.

E Flat Major 7th Guitar Chords

The Notes for this chord are E flat, G, B flat and D.

These chords are found in the E flat and B flat major scales.

A Flat Major 7th Guitar Chords

The Notes for this chord are A flat, C, E flat and G.

These chords are found in the A flat and E flat major scales.

D Flat Major 7th Guitar Chords

The Notes for this chord are D flat, F, A flat and C.

These chords are found in the D flat and A flat major scales.

G Flat Major 7th Guitar Chords

The Notes for this chord are G flat, B flat, D flat and F.

These chords are found in the G flat and D flat major scales.

F Sharp Major 7th Guitar Chords

The Notes for this chord are F Sharp, A Sharp, C Sharp and E Sharp.

These chords are the same pitch as G flat. They are written different for music keys.

These chords are found in the F sharp and C sharp major scales.

B Major 7th Guitar Chords

The Notes for this chord are B, D Sharp and F Sharp.

These chords are found in the B and F sharp major scales.

E Major 7th Guitar Chords

The Notes for this chord are E, G Sharp, B and D sharp.

These chords are found in the E and B major scales.

A Major 7th Guitar Chords

The notes for this chord are A, C sharp, E and G sharp.

These chords are found in the A and E major scales.

D Major 7th Guitar Chords

The Notes for this chord are D, F sharp, A and C sharp.

G Major 7th Guitar Chords

The Notes for this chord are G, B, D and F sharp.

I hope you found this page useful.

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Discover the F Sharp Major Scale

The F sharp major scale has six sharps giving us F, C, G, D, A and E sharped in this scale. The sharp scales move in the circle of 5ths.

This scale has two open strings that will work in it. The 6th and the 1st string are a perfect 4th away from F sharp.

This scale is made from the tetrachords from the B and C sharp scales.

Learning more about tetra-chords before going on will help you.

Major scales and Tetra-chords

These scales are related, you will see the same notes and chords in the C sharp, F sharp and G sharp scales.

These scale names are also the names of the major chords in the F sharp scale.

F Sharp Major Scale Note Layout

F Sharp Tetra-Chords

The first tetra-chord comes from the 2nd tetrachord in the B major scale and the 2nd tetra-chord comes from the 1st tetra-chord in the C sharp major scale.

The F Sharp Major Scale Numbering

All the major scales have numbers that go with their notes. This way of referring to numbers makes it possible to refer to all scales and chords no matter what key.

Referring to chords the numbers are written in Roman numerals, upper case for major chords and lower case for minor and diminished chords.

F Sharp Major Notation-Tab

The F Sharp Major Scale Chords

The F Sharp Major Chord Diagrams

The F Sharp Major Key Signature

This is how the key signature looks when you’re in the key of F♯. The Sharp symbols are on the F and D lines and the C, G, A and E spaces of the staff.

This doesn’t mean the music can’t have other flats or sharps in it. They will be marked in the music itself but the F, C, G, D, A and E won’t be so you have to remember them. B is the only note that’s not sharp.

Reading Music Notes

Here is a link on how to read music notes.

Reading Music Notation

Music Intervals

When you know the circle of 5th’s it’s fairly easy to remember the sharps. The 5ths circle is the 4ths circle in the opposite direction.

To learn more about intervals check out the intervals page below.

Musical Intervals


The Major Pentatonic..Five Powerful Little Notes

Every major scale contains a major pentatonic scale. These scales are very popular in country, blues and rock. The pentatonic scales contains only 5 notes, a short version of the major scale.

The major 5 note scale is a shortcut version of the major scale leaving out the 4th and 7th notes. The top scale is C major the bottom is a C major penta scale.

Here is a link to the major scale section if you want to learn more about major scales.

Here is a short example of the major pentatonic scale.

The C major pentatonic scale.

You have heard many songs based on these 5 notes.

Major Pentatonic Pattern Positions

These notes might confuse you if you’re not used to playing scales, start from the root until you know what the scale sounds like and then add the other notes.

In case your not used to viewing scales in a fretboard form, the 6th string is on the left of the drawing.

All you have to do is line up the root with whatever scale form you want. If you need help finding where the notes are on the guitar fretboard – click here.

Nut is on top, 6th string on your left

The Pentatonic Pattern Puzzle

All of these patterns are connected together. Half of one pattern is also a half of another one. If you look at the first pattern you will see a piece of it in the second pattern. The second pattern has a piece of it in the 3rd pattern and so on.

If you look at the 5th pattern you will see a piece of it in the first pattern. These patterns are all over the guitar neck depending on the root note you start with. You can play them in any order as long as it sounds good.

We only need 5 patterns because there are only 5 notes in the scale. Each pattern will start with a note from that scale. The scale is your choice.

It may sound confusing but if you take your time and learn one piece of information at a time. You will get there.

You know whats crazy about these patterns? They are the same as the minor pentatonic scales. The only difference is the root note.

Check Out the Minor Pentatonic Page

Left Handed Positions

Here’s a left handed version for all you south paws.

Nut is on top 6th string on the right

If you have trouble trying to memorize these positions or notes just do one 5 note octave at a time and learn it all over the neck.

Sometimes learning two string sets is easier too. It is also good to learn the scale on one string.

Patterns are good for learning but don’t get locked into playing in pattern positions all the time. They will make your solo’s too predictable and boring.

Try combinations of these patterns together or just forget the patterns and concentrate on connecting the 5 notes.

Major Pentatonic Scales

You will notice there are 13 scales because F♯ and G♭ have the same pitch they’re just written different.

I hope you found this page useful.


Rolling Stones Songs

Learn some Rolling Stones songs. Most of the Stones songs are everyday basic chord progressions. Quite a few are 3 chords with a 4th only played for a bar or two.

Even if your not a Stones fan they have had so many hit songs you are bound to like at least one.

The first song we are going to learn is Satisfaction. This is the song they played on the Ed Sullivan show back in the 60’s. The is one of the Rolling Stones songs that led to their fame.

One of the things I like about the Stones is they stayed together. A lot of groups split up after they had some fame usually with lead attraction looking for a solo career.

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
Rolling Stones Songs

These are the notes for the riff. Listen to the song and you will get it quickly, it’s easy. Listen for the slight variations of it used through the song. It’s not played the same all the time. Keith Richards is known to vary his riffs and licks.

Here are links for the song and sheet music.

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – mp3

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Sheet Music

(Opens New Window)

Here are the chords. These are the chord forms best to use for the song although you could use barre chords if you wanted.

Words and Music by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

 Play beginning riff 4x then stop until verse Chorus 1 E A E A I can't get no sa-tis-fac-tion I can't get no sa-tis-fac-tion E B7 E A Cause I try and I try and I try and try Verse One - Play Riff A E A D A E A D I can't get no I can't get no A E A D A E A D When I'm driv-ing in my car A E A D and the man comes on the ra-di-o A E A D A E A D he's tell-ing me more and more about some use-less in-for-ma-tion A E A D A E D sup-posed to drive my im-ag-in-a-tion I can't get no A E No Chord E A D A E A D Oh no no no hey hey hey That's what I say Chorus 2 - No Riff Verse Two - Play Riff Same Chord Changes as Verse 1 Chorus 3 - No Riff Same as Chorus 1 Verse 3 - Play Riff Same Chords as Verse 1 Ending Keep Riff Going A E A D A E A D I can't get no I can't get no A E A D A E A D I can't get no sa-tis-fac-tion A E A D A E A D No sa-tis-fac-tion no sa-tis-fac-tion A E A D A E A D No sa-tis-fac-tion I can't get no A Oh no no no! End

The Last Time
Rolling Stones Songs

This song is very similar to Satisfaction as far as the chords go. In Satisfaction you can’t hear a rhythm guitar playing chords as you can in a lot of songs.

The bass guitar, the drummer and the Riff together are the rhythm. You can hear chords being played here and there if you listen close.

Here is another one of the Rolling Stones songs that climbed up the record charts.

Words and Music by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Guitar Riff
Rolling Stones Songs

The Last Time – mp3

The Last Time – Sheet Music

(Opens New Window)

After each line you repeat the chords without lyrics for the verses.

You use the chords from up above.

 Play Riff 4 Times Riff Chords E D A //// // // Verse - 1 E D A E D A Well I told you once and I told you twice E D A E D A But you nev-er lis-ten to my ad-vice E D A E D A You don't try ver-y hard to please me E D A E D A With what you know it should be ea-sy Chorus 1 - Stop Riff A Well this could be the last time A This could be the last time D A May-be the last time I don't know Start Riff Again E D A E D A Oh no Oh no Verse - 2 Same Chords as Verse 1 Chorus 2 - Stop Riff Same as Chorus 1 Start Riff Again E D A E D A Oh no Oh no Guitar Solo Play Chords for one Verse Chorus 3 - Stop Riff Same as Chorus 1 Start Riff Again E D A E D A Oh no Oh no Verse - 3 Chords the same as Verse 1 Chorus 3 - Stop Riff Same as Chorus 1 Start Riff Again E D A E D A Oh No Oh No Background lyrics Repeat Maybe the Last Time   Repeat, Ad lib lyrics and Fade
E          D            A
Last time baby the last time
E          D   A
Well I don't Know
E        D   A
No I Don't Know

Lead Chords
Rolling Stones Songs

Here are the three triads the lead for The Last Time is based on. There are some other notes you can figure out from the chords being played.

A lot of early leads in rock were based using triads on the first 3 strings or the 2,3 and 4 strings. The Beatles do a version of “Honey Don’t” written by Carl Perkins on their Beatles 65 album where George Harrison plays the leads using this style.

Thank You for Reading Our Rolling Stones Songs Page. More Stones songs on the way.


Getting to Know the …Harmonic Minor Scale Modes

The harmonic minor scale modes will give you 7 more modes for improvising. Once again these are not just for Jazz players. Find the ones that you like and experiment with them.

The one advantage that a Jazz guitarist has over most other players is they always know what chord they are on and what scales they can use making lead work a lot more logical and better sounding.

You don’t have to play Jazz to think like a Jazz guitarist.

These names come from the major scale modes. They are variations of the mojor modes.

This is a way of making them easier to remember.

These names come from the Greek language because they named these modes a long time ago. There are also Greek islands with these names.

Harmonic Minor Scale

This is the main scale. It doesn’t have a mode name like the others

This scale is good for minor and altered dominants. I like this scale the best out of all the minor scales for its unique sound.

Each mode has a link to go into more detail for the individual mode.

Harmonic Minor Scale

Locrian ♯6 Mode

This one is built from the 2nd note of the harmonic minor scale and is good for minor7♭5 chords also called half diminished starting on the root.

It can also be used for minor 6th and dominant 9th chords.

Locrian ♯6 Mode

Ionian ♯5 Mode

This one is built from the 3rd note of the harmonic minor scale and is good for Maj7♯5 chords starting on the root.

Ionian ♯5 Mode

Dorian ♯4 Mode

This mode is good for improvising over minor chords.

Dorian ♯4 Mode

Phrygian Dominant Mode

This mode is good for dominant 7th chords plus altered forms

Phrygian Dominant Mode

Lydian ♯2 Mode

This mode is good for using with major 7th chords

Lydian ♯2 Mode

Harmonic Minor 7th Mode

This mode doesn’t get a special name like the others but it’s good for improvising over diminished 7th chords.

Harmonic Scale 7th Mode

I hope you found this page useful.


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Mixolydian Flat 6 ModeDominant Sharp 5 Chords

The mixolydian flat 6 mode comes from the 5th note of the Melodic minor scale. You can use it to improvise over regular dominates and dominants with a ♯5.

The chord that is built from the melodic scale for the 5th note is a dominant 7th chord. This scale also has a flat 6 or a sharp 5th depending on how you want to remember it.

The flat 6 or sharp 5 gives that augmented sound like the augmented triads

Augmented Triads Page

This scale will be played against a G7 chord

All the modes have a certain note or group of notes that give it its unique sound.

These are the notes you want to target when you use these modes to bring out the chord changes

This gives your solos a professional seasoned sound.

Timing the notes that make this mode unique will help you use this scale.

The G mixolydian flat 6 played against a G7 chord

The notes that make this mode unique are the 5 and ♯5, they are the notes I used the most.

The Mixolydian Flat 6 Mode List

Mixolydian ♭6 Formula


This scale is a major scale with a flatted 6 and 7

I hope you found this page useful.


Alternate Guitar Tuning

Using an alternate guitar tuning is a good way of adding different sounds to the guitar. The guitar doesn’t have to be tuned in the standard E A D G B E tuning.There are quite a few players that don’t use the standard tuning at all or very little. George Thorogood is one example. His reason is he plays slide guitar in most songs.

An alternate tuning is usually tuned to a chord using the Root, 3rd and 5th as open string tones. The 3rd can be flatted 1/2 tone(1 fret) making it a minor chord tuning.

A good way is to get another guitar and use it for non standard tunings like for slide guitar.

Some finger pickers like these and other tunings because it brings the notes closer together for fretting. This is something Classical guitarist’s won’t lower themselves(Joke) to do.

Guitar Set-up

There are three ways to set a guitar up for alternate tunings.

Slide Only – One

If you are only going to play slide guitar then you can set your string height high. This will get a real clean sound. You also want to use heavier gauge strings.

Slide and Regular – Two

The second way is you have to compromise a little so you can finger notes and chords and also play slide. You can’t use thin strings for slide they don’t sound good at all. So you have to find strings that you can finger and play slide, a medium gauge should be good to start with. You might have to raise your string action too so you dont get fret bang from the slide.

Regular – Three

The 3rd way is if you are going to fingerpick or just play like normal. This is how Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones plays in a G or E tuning.

He plays the song Brown Sugar in an open G tuning but not always. He is also known for changing the way he plays songs now and then.

Try an Open Tuning

Even if you don’t want to play slide or finger pick try tuning your guitar to one of these tunings.

It doesn’t sound the same as a fretted chord and really sounds good on an acoustic guitar.

Caution! You might get hooked on that open chord sound. I think that’s what happened to Keith Richards. He likes to play in the G tuning a lot. Brown Sugar was recorded using this tuning although it could be played in a standard tuning but it wouldn’t have the same sound.

Tune up and try one.

If you like this sound you will want to pick up a slide or two for playing.

What makes this style appealing is you don’t have to know a lot about music to sound professional. You just need to perfect the slide technique.

Open E Tuning
Alternate Guitar Tuning

This open tuning tunes the guitar so when you strum all the strings you hear an E chord. I’ve had people that don’t play strum a guitar tuned this way and they think that playing the guitar is easy because they played that open chord that sounded good.

The guitar gets tuned as follows.

  • E string(heavy) = E = Root
  • A string = B = 5th
  • D string = E = Root
  • G string = G♯ = 3rd
  • B string = B = 5th
  • E string = E = Root

This tuning is equal to this chord but you don’t have to use any fingers.

This one is an alternate guitar tuning popular for slide guitar. You will find a lot of songs with slide are written in the key of E.

Listen to George Thorogood, Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Winter, or The Allman Brothers

They each have a unique slide technique that you will recognize when you hear one of their songs for the first time or if you hear them in concert with another group.

Here is another page with some more on the E tuning.

Open E Tuning

Open D Tuning
Alternate Guitar Tuning

This tuning is easier on the guitar neck because it is tuned lower. Most guitars are made for the stress of standard tuning or close to it.

This tuning is the same as E except it is one whole tone lower. The scale degrees(Root, 3rd and 5th) are in the same order as E tuning.

Here is how it gets tuned

  • 6th string(heavy) = D = Root
  • 5th string = A = 5th
  • 4th string = D = Root
  • 3rd string = F♯ = 3rd
  • 2nd string = A = 5th
  • 1st string = D = Root

You leave the 4th and 5th string as is and retune the rest.

If you leave the 3rd string at G you get the DADGAD tuning which is a D suspended 4th. This tuning is popular in the Irish fiddle tunes in 6/8 time.

Open D = Open E a Whole Tone Lower

This tuning is the same as E. In other words from the 6th string to the 5th is a 5th interval and so on. They only difference is it’s a whole tone lower.

So anything you read about the E tuning can be applied to the D tuning as well.

Your main blues keys are D, G and A without using a capo.

The D chord is open or 12th fret

The G chord is on the 5th fret

The A chord is on the 7th fret

Here is a page with some more info and open chords for D tuning.

Open D Tuning

Open G Tunings
Alternate Guitar Tuning

This is Keith Richards favorite open tuning. A lot of Stones songs were recorded using this tuning Brown Sugar is one of them.

The G tuning is close to the standard E A D G B E so you might hear a song played in either tuning like at a concert where the song was recorded in G tuning but played live in standard tuning or the opposite.

This tuning has two types a high and a low. It changes the 6th and 5th string tunings.

Low G tuning

  • 6th string(heavy) = D = 5th
  • 5th string = G = Root
  • 4th string = D = 5th
  • 3rd string = G = Root
  • 2nd string = B = 3rd
  • 1st string = D = 5th

High G Tuning

  • 6th string(heavy) = G = Root
  • 5th string = B = 3rd
  • 4th string = D = 5th
  • 3rd string = G = Root
  • 2nd string = B = 3rd
  • 1st string = D = 5th

More G Tuning Stuff

Open G Tuning

Open A Tuning
Alternate Guitar Tuning

This open tuning is the same as the G but one whole tone higher.

The A tuning puts a little more stress on the guitar neck but you can get almost the same results by putting a Capo on the 2nd fret and just move all your chords and licks up two frets.

Here’s the A tuning

  • 6th string(heavy) = E = 5th
  • 5th string = A = Root
  • 4th string = E = 5th
  • 3rd string = A = Root
  • 2nd string = C♯ = 3rd
  • 1st string = E = 5th

More about the A tuning.

Open A Tuning

Many More Tunings

You can tune a guitar to just about any custom tuning you can think of. I think it is Joni Mitchell that has a guitar set up to change to a lot of different custom tunings for playing live. She uses some very uncommon tunings which gives her a unique sound besides her voice.

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Diminished 7th Chords

Diminished 7th chords actually come from the 7th note of the minor harmonic scale.

They can also be made from the diminished scale. The diminished and the diminished 7th are the only chords that can be made from the diminished scale.

There may be other sources that I’m not aware of but that won’t matter for now.

Passing Chord

The diminished 7th can be used as a passing or connecting chord

Diminished chords connect subdominant chords. The subdominant chord is the IV chord of major scale

To do this you could use the diminished chord with the same name of the chord your on or the same name of the chord you are entering

So in the key of C if you were playing a C chord and the next chord was an F you could connect the two with a C or F diminished or diminished 7th chord

Here we use the note of the chord we are leaving



Windows Media

C to F with a C diminished passing chord

Here is the one using the chord you are entering. I prefer the sound of this one better



Windows Media

C to F with an F diminshed passing chord

Connecting Chromatically

You can also connect chromatically. When you have two chords a whole tone apart you can use a diminished or diminished 7th chord using the in between note



Windows Media

C to D minor 7th with a C sharp diminished passing chord

Lead Work

Remember these ideas also work for lead ideas. You can use the diminished scale to connect two chords, you don’t necessarily have to use chords

Here’s another example using the last C to Dm7 change but no diminished chord just C diminished scale notes



Windows Media

C to D minor 7th progression passing tones from diminished scale

Chord Substitution

The diminished 7th has another use. It can be used to replace a dominant 7th chord

To do this you would use a diminished 7th chord 1/2 step higher than the chord you want to replace.

If you want to replace a G7 chord (G B D F) you would use an A♭dim7 (A♭ B D F)

The diminished 7th has the 3, 5, 7 of the G7 chord. The A♭ would be a flatted 9th.

So even though you are using a diminished 7th chord you are replacing the G7 with a G7♭9 no root chord.

This works good in a ii V I progression allowing a chromatic drop of the bass line for this progression.



Windows Media

Two Five One Progression in the key of C